Twinuition (112.10)

Grandpa Steve consoles Olive back at the house who says she can feel him just like the last time and thinks he is trying to send a message to her. She then finds a note from Cal which he hid for her in a secret place where they used to hide messages for each other when they were young. The note says, “I  left.” Olive sends it to her parents.

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Olive hugs her Grandpa

Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom.

STEVE: Sweetheart, why don’t you come downstairs? I made us some soup.

OLIVE: This can’t be happening again. [SIGHS] This is exactly how I felt the last time.

STEVE: Hey, come here.

Steve hugs his granddaughter.

STEVE: Your parents are on this. They’re not gonna stop until they find him. Mm? –

OLIVE: [SIGHS] And neither am I. I can feel him, just like the last time. I think he’s in danger and he’s terrified and it’s like he’s trying to send me, like—Oh, my God.

STEVE: What is it?

Olive finds a note from Cal


Olive opens the desk draw and reaches underneath it pulling out a piece of paper. 

OLIVE: There’s this secret place, a ledge. When When we were little, we used to leave messages for each other. Grandpa.

Olives shows her grandpa a note that says, “I left”

STEVE: Son of a gun.

OLIVE: Cal didn’t want Mom and Dad to know he took off. Oh, my God. He wanted me to find this.

STEVE: Well, they need to know now. We need to send this to your parents.

Olive reaches for her phone.

Olive’s discovery of the “I left” note

Olive’s discovery of the “I left” note flipped our expectations about what really happened to Cal upside down. Even after seeing the Major’s operatives in their headquarters keeping track of events like Michaela bringing Autumn in for questioning, it wasn’t entirely clear that they didn’t have Cal themselves until after Olive’s discovery. As the episode went on, the sheer amount of planning and foreknowledge Cal had to coordinate to leave on his own made it shockingly apparent how powerful his callings really are.

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