Sidewalk Emotions (112.11)

Grace blames Ben for all that is happening, even for leaving her and Cal. She refuses to take responsibility for kicking him out. She tells Ben that he has gone too far. They then receive Olives’s text. They notice two men in suits walking down the sidewalk across the street. They are Jansen’s men looking for Cal.

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Scene shifts to the sidewalk on the main street of Tannersville.

GRACE: I just can’t help but think that if we’d been living under the same roof, then Cal wouldn’t be missing right now.

BEN: You’re right, but that doesn’t mean you should start blaming yourself.

GRACE: Actually, I wasn’t, but it kind of sounds like you’re blaming me.

BEN: No, no, no. I’m agreeing with you. I’m blaming us.

GRACE: Do you think that I want to be separated?

BEN: Grace, you kicked me out.

GRACE: And you went with zero objection because you knew that you had put your need to save every other passenger on that plane ahead of the needs of your family.


BEN: Grace, everything I’ve done has been for you and the kids.

GRACE: I get that, Ben, but you went too far. Where are the other 190 passengers sacrificing their families?


Both of their cellphones receive Olive’s text message, “Found a note in secret spot!”

GRACE:  Oh, my God.

BEN: Thank you, Olive.

Ben and Grace then each look at the photo of Cal’s note she sent.

GRACE: “I left”?

BEN: It’s definitely his writing.

GRACE: So he wasn’t taken? Could he have traveled here all by himself?

BEN: It’s possible. When he showed up to Red Hook, he took the subway by himself, and then he transferred to a city bus. It’s like a-an instinct. He’s following something.

GRACE: You’re talking about the callings.

BEN: He could’ve gone to the bus station, bought a ticket.


Grace sees two men in suits walking on the sidewalk across the street.


Ben turns around and he and Grace then hide behind Danny’s truck out of view as the two men turn and walk down an alley. 

GRACE: Do you think they’re looking for Cal?

BEN: If they are, it’s a good sign. Means they don’t have him. At least, not yet.

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One thought on “Sidewalk Emotions (112.11)

  1. Grace blames Ben for all that is happening, even for leaving her and Cal. She refuses to take responsibility for kicking him out.”

    And writers actually had the audacity to blame fans for not understanding what was happening to Grace’s character as many fans expressed their unvarnished hate for her … and not on how Grace’s particular character was negatively portrayed by the writing itself?

    It was reported that showrunners were initially surprised by all of the “Grace fan-hate” because it’s not what they had intended. WTH? If they had initially wanted a desired or specific outcome for this character, then it was up to them alone to make sure the writing matched the outcome.

    This is what happens when writers use “shades of gray” writing when developing storyline narratives. It not up to the fans to jump on any “storyline” bandwagon and support a character simply because it’s what writers want. Writers are responsible for Grace’s character and storyline … not the fans.

    Going forward, fans (only referring to myself when I use the word fans) will view everything that happens to Grace in the future largely on her character’s past behavior. Whether anyone likes it or not, when it comes to opinions about Grace … good or bad … each individual fan will continue to have his or her own opinion.

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