Search for Cal Continues (112.13)

As Grace and Ben travel down the road, they realize someone is following them so they put the truck in four wheel and go off road. Meanwhile Cal is shivering from the cold inside a cabin. After Autumn  calls Jansen and says she knows where Cal is, the jeep stops following Ben and Grace. Ben and Grace, then  turn around and start following the car that had been following them.  The men bust into a cabin but Cal is not there. It appears to be a different cabin from where Cal is located.

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Being followed

Scene shifts to Danny’s truck. This time Ben is driving while Grace looks at the drawing where Cal is sittting on the floor next to a red kerosene lantern.

GRACE: I mean, it looks rustic. There’s a stone fireplace, a lantern.

BEN: So, we’re looking for a cabin in the woods.

GRACE: We need the drawing that was torn out of the book, the exterior.

Ben notices a vehicle following them.

BEN: Grace behind us.

GRACE: Are they following us?

BEN: Hang on.

Ben switches the truck into four-wheel drive and goes offroad. As he turns, the trucks tires screech. The vehicle continues to follow. 

GRACE: How are we supposed to find Cal? We’re just gonna lead them right to him.

The scene shifts momentarily to Cal inside a cabin where Cal is alone and shivering. He appears to be expecting someone as he keeps looking at the door and takes items out of his backpack: a hat, gloves, water, etc. and places them on the coffee table. 

The turnaround


The scene shifts to Autumn’s kitchen where she reaches under the sink to get the page she ripped out of Cal’s notebook. She punches some numbers into her phone.

JANSEN: About time. Where are you?

AUTUMN: I know where Cal Stone is.

The vehicle that is following Ben and Grace suddenly turns around. 

BEN: Grace.

GRACE: They’re leaving. Where are they going?

BEN: Maybe they found him.

A dead end

Ben follows the vehicle. The men come to a cabin with guns in hand. Break open the front door. But it is empty. It is not the cabin Cal is in. 

MAN:  No one. He’s not here.

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