Hidden Benefits (112.14)

We find out that when Autumn called Jansen she intentionally misled him and his men. She is in her apartment with jared and Michaela who give her the name and address of her daughter’s adoptive family. Autumn then gives Michaela the picture that she ripped out of Cal’s notebook which was not only of her, but her daughter.  On the back is a drawing of the exterior of the cabin which is Michaela understands is the key to finding Cal.

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A reward for Autumn

Scene shifts to Autumn’s apartment, but this time Michaela and Jared are with her.

MICHAELA: Thanks for throwing them off the scent. You did the right thing, Autumn.

AUTUMN: [SIGHS] I hope so.

JARED: Autumn, you need to be careful. She could easily be sending someone after you.

AUTUMN: So I I guess I should get going.

Michaela hands her a folder.

MICHAELA: Your daughter. The name and address of your daughter’s adoptive family. I know what it’s like to come back and feel like you’ve lost everything, but bottoming out, it’s a good thing. The only place you can go now is up. Autumn, do you have something for me?

A tip for Michaela


Autumn hands her the page she had ripped out of Cal’s notebook. It is the picture that Cal drew of her sitting on the couch, while Cal was at Michaela’s apartment. Next to Autumn is a little girl.

AUTUMN: [SIGHS] Cal drew my daughter. That’s why I ripped it out. I told no one, but somehow Cal knew my daughter existed. He even drew her crazy red hair. I’m so sorry for everything.

MICHAELA: Good luck.

Michaela turns the paper over and there is a drawing of the exterior of the cabin.

MICHAELA: That’s it. That’s the key to finding Cal.

Cal’s sketchbook and his intentions

Although we certainly knew that Autumn wasn’t willingly acting on behalf of the major, her removal of the page from Cal’s sketchbook and her initial denials to Michaela’s accusations were troubling at first. But it’s as if Cal knew that she would need persuading to go against her government handlers, and putting the picture of the cabin where he’s hiding on the back of the portrait of Autumn and her daughter was without a doubt intentional.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Denofgeek.com)

A benefit for Ben and Grace

Scene shifts to Ben and Grace, they are standing in a wooded area next to a river. Ben’s cell phone rings.

BEN: (TO GRACE) That’s Mick. (TO MICHAELA) Hey, Mick.

Michaela and Jared are walking on a sidewalk in New York City. 

MICHAELA: Hey, did you get the photo?

Grace also gets a text showing the ripped out page.

GRACE: Oh, thank God.

BEN: Yeah, we’re looking at it right now.

GRACE: I mean, it’s a cabin in the woods. There’s no mailbox, no street number.

BEN: There’s got to be something.

MICHAELA: Okay, focus on the details. The trees maybe they’re visible from the road.

GRACE: Wait, what’s that in the distance behind the cabin? On the top of the hill? Yeah, it’s a structure of some kind.

Michaela and Ben both respond at the same time.

MICAELA: I think it’s a radio tower.

BEN: Radio tower.

GRACE: Ben, I think we saw one. Yeah, we passed it earlier.

Grace unfolds a map and places it on top of the truck’s hood to examine it.

MICHAELA: Hey, you guys, I’m coming up there. Wait for me, all right? If you find the cabin, do not go in there. Wait for me, all right? Just because we threw them off the trail doesn’t mean they won’t find him.

BEN: We’ll call if we can.

Ben and Michaela drive away in the truck.

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