Snow Flurries (112.15)

In Cal’s drawing is a radio tower. Michaela experiences snow falling from above, and thinks it might be another calling, but is not sure.

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Scene continues with Michaela and Jared in town on the sidewalk.

MICHAELA: Hey, I need you to stay at the precinct.

JARED: What? Why?

MICHAELA: Because I might need you to research something or coordinate.

JARED: I just – And I think I should be with you, Mick. You’re looking for a missing kid. The more cops, the better. And like you said, it could be dangerous.

Jared picks something out of her hair. It’s a snowflake. The wind is howling. She sees snow flurries falling around her. Jared notices her looking up at the sky.

JARED: You okay? Hey, Mick.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I’m fine.

JARED: Was that a calling?

MICHAELA: I’m not sure.

Jared sighs.

MICHAELA: Jared, I need to go up there on my own. You’ve been so helpful, and I am so grateful. Trust me. I can’t explain why. I just do. I know. I’m sorry. I need you to stay.

Michaela’s dismissal of Jared

It was hard to watch Michaela use Jared to get rid of the police — “No biggie, just my career” (112.5) — and then dismiss him with a lame explanation about having to do the rest alone. She may not want to be the other woman in competition with Lourdes, but Jared’s presence at the cabin would hardly have been a hindrance.

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