Turn Left (112.16)

While driving down a road looking for Cal, Ben realizes that Cal’s note, “I left” was a map which meant turn left. Since he was able to look into the future, he was able to draw it to help his dad find him. When they tell him they are taking him home, he says no, that this is the place where he needs to be.

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Another look at Cal’s note

Scene shifts back to the wooded area where Ben and Grace are trying to find the cabin where Cal is located. They drive down a hill to another road. The truck comes to a stop.

GRACE I’m pretty sure it was around here.

BEN: So which way, right or left?

GRACE: I don’t know. I’m sorry.

BEN: It’s okay.

GRACE: I want to say left, but if I’m wrong, then we’re gonna waste time driving through these hills.

BEN: Well, let’s look at the drawing again. Maybe

GRACE: What? What is it?

BEN: Right or left? …”I left.”

Ben reaches for his phone and looks at Cal’s note again.

GRACE: What?

BEN: It’s not an “I.”  I-I-It’s a map. Look. Look, look. Look at this. That’s the corner behind us, and now we’re facing this junction. “Left” means “turn left.” Cal’s telling us how to find him.

A close-up view of the radio tower

They turn left and continue driving until they come to a cabin where Ben parks the truck. Grace once again looks at Cal’s drawing of the exterior of the cabin. 

GRACE: Oh, my God. Ben, this is it.

BEN: Looks deserted.

While looking at Cal’s drawing on her phone Grace uses her finger to pan around and then zooms into zooms in to the radio tower.

GRACE: Stump, truck, and there’s the radio tower.

They both look at each other. 

GRACE: We’re not waiting for Michaela.

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