Finding Cal (112.17)

After Ben and Grace find Cal inside the cabin, a man appears at the door. Banging his body up against it, he breaks through.  Ben rushes to protect his son. Cal says, “It’s him. Do not hurt him.” But before Ben could even react the man falls to the ground, and is out cold.

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Cal’s parents


Scene continues outside the cabin as Ben and Grace approach.

BEN: Cal?

Grace looks in the window and see Cal sitting on the floor and runs to the door.

GRACE:  He’s here. Cal! – Cal.

They enter through the door.

GRACE: Cal. Cal, oh, my God. Oh, we were so worried.

BEN: Are you okay? You’re alone?  Yeah. Is there anyone else here? Okay.

GRACE: Sweetie, how how did you get here?

BEN: I took a bus to Tannersville, got a ride with Max from the gas station, then I walked up from the road.

GRACE: I don’t understand. Why? Why did you do this?

CAL: This is where I’m supposed to be.

BEN: It’s okay. It’s okay.

GRACE: Cal, sweetie, we’re gonna take you home now, okay? We’re gonna go home.

CAL: I can’t leave, he’s coming.


CAL: He’s almost here.

GRACE: Who is? Who’s almost here? What are you talking about?

BEN: Did you get a calling, buddy, that told you to come here?

Cal nods his head.

BEN: Okay.

An unidentified man


Ben hears footsteps. Someone is approaching the cabin.


BEN: To the back room.

A shadow appears at the door. Someone is pounding on the door. 

CAL: Dad! No, Dad, wait!

Ben grabs a fireplace poker (fire iron) from its holder  to defend himself and his family. A man breaks through the door, and stands in front of Ben who raises the iron ready to strike the man. 

CAL: It’s him! It’s him! Don’t hurt him!

Ben hesitates and does not strike him, and the man falls to the ground.

BEN (TO CAL): Stay there.

Ben and Grace turn the man over.

GRACE: He’s freezing cold. We got to get these wet clothes off and get a fire going.

BEN: Cal, see if you can find a blanket or something. We got to keep him warm.

CAL: I have a sleeping bag in my backpack.

The man sits up and is conscious.

BEN: You brought all this from home?

CAL: There’s bandages, too.

GRACE: You somehow knew he would need all of this?

CAL: I knew I had to help.

BEN: Well, you did. You saved his life. Any idea who he is?

Cal shrugs his shoulders.

GRACE: Oh, honey, look at you. You’re half-asleep already. Come on. Come lay down, sweetie.

Grace takes him to the bedroom, as Ben tends to the man. He is shivering from the cold, and examines his frost bit fingers.

BEN: All right, hang in there.

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