The Major (112.18)

We are finally introduced to the Major when Jansen tells her that Autumn misled them. She is looking over the balcony of a high rise condo overlooking the skyline of  New York City. She is set to move there.

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The phone call

Scene shifts to the building at an undisclosed location where Jansen and his men are trying to monitor the situation.  The computer screen says the target is lost.

JANSEN: We had the parents, but we lost them. Our asset gave us false information.

THE MAJOR: Autumn? Did she? I’m surprised.

The major is standing on a balcony across the East River overlooking the skyline of New York City. In the background the camera pans from the Empire State Building across Manhattan to the World Trade Center Tower and beyond.

JANSEN: We’ll track her down.

THE MAJOR: Leave her be. We’ll find her when we need her. And we don’t know why the boy went upstate?

JANSEN: No, ma’am. We can widen the search. We assume the parents found him.

THE MAJOR: They’ll come back home before long. If I’ve learned anything running point for 22 years, there’s no need to chase the enigma when it lives right in our backyard. We bide our time.

JANSEN: Yes, Major.

The view from the balcony

As the conversation ends, a Real Estate man comes out on the balcony.

THE MAJOR: I do like the view.

REALTOR: It’s spectacular. Anything that’s happening in this city, you’ll know about it. So, are you relocating, then, to New York?

THE MAJOR: It looks like I’ll be spending some time here, yes.



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One thought on “The Major (112.18)

  1. Jensen, “Our asset gave us false information.” The Major’s reply to Jensen was, “Autumn? Did she? I’m surprised.

    Was the Major really surprised by Autumn’s behavior? Or was she simply being sarcastic?

    The Major had no problem when it came to kidnapping and torturing the 11 828 passengers, including Autumn. She also had no problem with her minions engaging in a deadly shoot-out with Robert Vance’s Tactical Team.

    From the very beginning, the Major’s character has been advertised as being a “larger than life” villain. Has she lived up to her reputation? Or is she nothing more than an overrated bureaucrat who’s chasing her own wagging tail?

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