Autumn is Arrested (112.2)

Michaela finds Autumn and arrests her believing she knows the whereabouts of Cal.

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Michaela kicks in the door

Scene shifts to Autumn’s apartment where Michaela kicks in the front door and enters.

AUTUMN: Michaela, what are you doing here?

Michaela shoves Autumn against the wall.

MICHAELA: Where is he? Where is he?!


MICHAELA: Don’t mess with me, Autumn. Where’s Cal?

AUTUMN: Michaela, I swear to you, I have zero idea what you’re talking about!

Autumn is handcuffed

Michaela turns Michaela around and places handcuffs on her.

MICHAELA: We know that you’re the mole, Autumn. We know that you have been working with the Major, whoever the hell that is. So if you don’t have Cal here, I’m guessing the Major does. You are gonna tell me exactly where he is.

AUTUMN: Michaela, you have to believe me.

MICHAELA: The hell I do. You have been lying to us since the moment you got here. We brought you in, Autumn. We protected you.

AUTUMN: Michaela, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Olive calls Michaela to come over

Michaela’s cell phone rings. It’s olive.

MICHAELA: Olive, what’s up?

OLIVE: [SIGHS] Hey. The cops. They think it’s Dad. You need to come.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I’ll be right there.

Michaela grabs Autumn and leads her out of the apartment.

MICHAELA (TO AUTUMN):  You, too. Come on.

AUTUMN: You’ve got it all wrong.

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