Tell and Show Time (112.4)

Ben and Michaela tell Grace everything that has happened concerning Cal and how Ben was trying to protect her and Cal. Ben then shows Grace Cal’s drawings and explains how he can see into the future.

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Michaela arrives at the Stone house

Scene shifts to outside the Stone house where a group of Believers have assembled where Michaela is getting out of her car. Autumn who remains handcuffed is in the backseat.

MICHAELA (TO POLICE OFFICER): Hey, can you keep an eye on her?


Scene shifts to inside Ben and Grace’s bedroom.

BEN: We never should’ve called the cops.

GRACE: Who doesn’t call the cops when their child goes missing?

BEN: I know. It sounds Bu-But the people who I think are behind this are higher up on the food chain way higher. We-We’re playing into their hands by having the cops here.

GRACE: What does that even mean?

Michaela enters.

MICHAELA: Hey. (TO BEN) Um, I have Autumn in the car. She’s denying everything.

BEN: Of course she is.

MICHAELA: Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Grace is told about everything

GRACE: Who’s Autumn? Is she involved in this?

MICHAELA: We think so. She’s a passenger from 828.

BEN: We’re all but certain the Major sent her to spy on us.

GRACE: The Major?

BEN: I-I’m sorry. She’s been secretly investigating Flight 828, the passengers, us.

GRACE: What does she want with our son?

MICHAELA: Grace, you know that ever since the flight, we have been hearing things, some of us seeing things.

GRACE: And this is happening to Cal?

BEN: In a sense. But he seems to be experiencing them more strongly than anyone else.

GRACE: Why wouldn’t you tell me this? I-I’m sorry. I

MICHAELA: Ben was trying to protect you, Grace. We thought that they were dangerous to you, to non-passengers.

BEN: When we shared the details, it got people killed.

MICHAELA: It happened to the friends of this other passenger.

BEN: Harvey Stein.

MICHAELA: It almost happened to Jared.

BEN: But it didn’t, so, now we think hope that it was a tragic fluke.

There is a long pause. Grace places her hands on her face, and slowly turns and takes a few steps before looking directly at Ben

GRACE: [SIGHS] Okay, the era of you protecting me, that’s over.

Ben nods his head.

GRACE: If you know something that will help us find Cal, I want to hear about it. Ben, I would rather die than not do everything in my power to save our son.

Ben breathes deeply, looks at Michaela, and then back at Grace.

BEN: We somehow think the Major knows about Cal.

GRACE: Knows what, exactly?

Significance of Grace’s words to Ben

Grace comes up with probably what is probably the most memorable dialogue in the series, “The era of you protecting me is over…” In this single statement, the character seemed to represent the internal war Hollywood is now involved in, the war for equality. While other female characters such as Michaela Stone (played by Melissa Roxburgh), Saanvi Bahl (played by Parveen), and even Olive (played by Luna Blaise), for that matter, were given their own ground to stand upon, Grace was mostly treated as an object of pity.

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Grace is shown Cal’s drawings


BEN: That he draws things.

GRACE: Yeah.

BEN: And sometimes, the things that he draws, they’ve happened already, but he couldn’t have known. Other times, they haven’t happened yet, and when they do

GRACE: What What do you mean he draws them?

As Ben leaves the bedroom, Grace and Michaela follow him to Cal’s room where Ben finds Cal’s notebook of drawings. He then begins flipping through the pages showing Grace the pictures that Cal has been drawing.  

BEN: Look. This is Thomas. He was a stowaway on 828. Cal knew knew his name, [PAGE FLIP] even where he was hiding. [PAGE FLIP] And this is a place where we found a group of missing passengers. [PAGE FLIP] And this [PAUSE]

GRACE: Is that?

BEN: Us. Right now.

The camera moves from the page where Cal had drawn three people in his room to a live shot of Grace, Ben, and Michaela standing in Cal’s room.

GRACE: Now what?

Treasure-map feel to this week’s adventure

The treasure-map feel to this week’s adventure was exciting every step of the way, starting with the crisis at the house with the police thinking Ben might be responsible for his missing son as a result of marital strife. The fact that Ben couldn’t involve the police not only added to the clandestine nature of the caper; it also forced him to brief Grace on the specifics of Cal’s callings. The drawing of Grace, Ben, and Michaela holding the sketchbook was particularly eerie and effective in communicating the necessary message about Cal’s precognitive powers.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (


The scene momentarily shifts to inside a cabin. Animals are howling, and Cal is shivering, before slowly fading onto another of Cal’s drawings that Ben is showing Grace.

GRACE: God, he looks terrified.

BEN: Yeah, but just because he drew it doesn’t necessarily mean that

GRACE: You said yourself all these other drawings came true. Why shouldn’t we assume the same of this one?

MICHAELA: Wait, wait, wait. There’s more pages, guys. [PAGE FLIP]

There is a drawing of a man standing at a door.

GRACE: Is that the Major?

BEN: Maybe. I don’t know.

MICHAELA: Okay. There’s got to be something else in there. [PAGE FLIP]

There is a drawing of trees, hills, and a road running through them.

MICHAELA: There’s a page missing.

BEN: Maybe he took it with him.

MICHAELA: Or someone stole it. Autumn, sh-she was at the apartment with Cal. She was looking at his sketches. So if she’s got the page, I’ll get it back.

Grace recognizes one of the drawings

BEN: Wait. [PAGE FLIP] All these trees, [PAGE FLIP] lake, [PAGE FLIP] rocks. I think he left us a map.

MICHAELA: It looks like upstate, but where? [PAGE FLIP]

GRACE: Wait. Go back.

There is a drawing of the front of a church.

GRACE: I recognize this. Last summer, I was in Tannersville in the Catskills, the Town Square. This flagpole, the statue under the steeple of the church – it looked just like this.

BEN: You’re positive?

GRACE: No, it’s a crayon drawing. I’m not positive, but it could be.

BEN: Then we should get up there. I mean, if you’re right, the other drawings could be landmarks that’ll show up.

GRACE: What about the 19 cops in our house?

BEN: No, they can’t know any of this. We have to assume the Major has eyes and ears up and down law enforcement. We have to get rid of them.


MICHAELA: Let me make a call.

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  1. Grace said, “I recognize this. Last summer, I was in Tannersville in the Catskills, the Town Square.”

    I realize it’s virtually impossible to explain every little thing that takes place within the context of storylines. But I’m curious as to why Grace was in Tannersville last summer. I’s sure that Ben was too. So, why didn’t he ask? Was he more afraid of the answer to the question than the question itself?

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