Jared’s Assistance (112.5)

After receiving Michaela’s call, Jared comes into the house pretending that Cal is safe and that he is with his grandpa.  This sends the police away to leave the Stone family who knows more about the police to look for him.

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The send away

Scene shifts to the Stone living room where Jared comes in the front door.

JARED: Grace. Ben. Hey, Cal’s fine. He’s fine. He’s with Steve.

GRACE: Oh, my God. Did you talk to him?

JARED: Yeah, I just saw him. He’s fast asleep. Steve had his phone off. He had no idea we’d be calling.

GRACE: Oh, God. Thank you.

JARED: Yeah.

Ben and Grace walk away. Jared sees Detective Jackson. 

JARED: Hey, Chris.


JARED: I didn’t know you were working this case. [THEY SHAKE HANDS] I’m friends with the family, so I thought I’d help out.

JACKSON: False alarm?

JARED: Yeah, kid’s with his grandfather. You know, the whole family, they’ve been a bit edgy since the plane came back. I think they just jumped to the worst-case scenario.

JACKSON: You sure about this?

Jared reaches into his pocket and shows Jackson a photo on his phone of Cal sitting next to his grandpa on the couch.

JACKSON: That picture was taken today?

JARED: Yeah, 10 minutes ago.

JACKSON:  Okay, well, good news, then.

JARED: Great news.

JACKSON: All right, guys, wrap it up. False alarm.

Police officers begin clearing the room. Ben and Grace shakes Jackson’s hand. 

BEN: Thanks so much.

GRACE: I’m so sorry.

JACKSON: I’m just glad your son is safe.

GRACE: Thank you.

The Regrouping

After all the officer have left, Jared closes the front door.

MICHAELA: Thank you.

JARED: Yeah, no biggie. Just my career.

MICHAELA: We have a suspect in the car. We think that she knows where Cal went. We can take her in and work that angle.

JARED: You want to take a kidnapping suspect into the precinct after I just told half the NYPD there’s no missing kid?

MICHAELA: She has tons of open warrants from before 828. Once we get her in the box, we can ask her whatever we want.

OLIVE: Uh, no, we’re sending the cops away why?

BEN: Because we know more than they do. Trust me.

BEN: All right, Grace and I are gonna start the drive up to Tannersville. We’ll look for Cal’s clues along the way.

MICHAELA: Hey, borrow a car. Anything registered to you is gonna tip off the Major by the time you hit the first tollbooth.

After Ben nods his head he notices Grace thinking. 

BEN: What is it? –

GRACE: Uh Danny has a truck.

BEN: Let’s go get it.

GRACE: I’ll text him.

Significance of using Danny’s truck

The fact that she and Ben must use Danny’s truck to avoid detection reminds us that there are still issues between the two of them, but Grace being on board gives us hope that her days of blindness are behind her.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Denofgeek.com)

Home base


Grace kisses Olive on the cheek before leaving.

OLIVE (TO BEN): I want to help.

BEN: You’re home base. Grandpa’s on his way. Lock the door. Open for him but nobody else. If either one of you sees anything or hears anything, you call us ASAP. Hey, we’re gonna find him, all right? This is gonna be okay.

Ben kisses Olive on the forehead.

BEN: Lock the door.

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