Road Trip North (112.6)

Grace and Ben take Danny’s truck north to go look for Cal. On the radio is a news report about a double homicide and theft of an armored car in New York City.

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Danny time

Scene shifts to Ben and Grace on a two lane road just five miles from Tannersville. Grace is driving Danny’s white truck.

BEN: So, this is his other vehicle?

GRACE: He’s outdoorsy.

BEN: He has a lot of gear.

News time

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Ben turns on the radio.

REPORTER: Expect low, frigid temperatures for the next four days. An hours-long high-speed chase throughout the boroughs ended in tragedy early this morning. The driver, the primary suspect in a brazen double homicide and theft of an armored car, plunged the stolen vehicle into the East River.

BEN: Well, at least for once, it’s not about Flight 828.

Think time

Grace turns off the radio.

BEN: We should keep it on. We might hear something helpful.

GRACE: If there’s news, Michaela will have it first. [PAUSE] I need to think.

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