Autumn Breaks Her Silence (112.7)

Michaela interrogates Autumn at the police station. At another location Jansen continues to keeps watch of what is happening.

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Autumn is interrogated

Scene shifts to the police stations where Michaela is interogating Autumn.

MICHAELA: When you supposedly escaped, why’d you go to Ben, of all people?

Autumn remains silent.

MICHAELA: Okay, how about this one, then? You and I have not hung out once since you’ve shown up. Then, all of a sudden, you’re knocking on my door when Cal just so happens to be there. And now Cal is in danger I think because of you. I also think that you took a page out of Cal’s sketchbook. You know, for a con artist, your poker face sucks hard. I need the page, Autumn. You’re gonna tell me where it is. A boy’s life is on the line.

AUTUMN: Even if I knew something, I could never tell you. She’d find out. She would know.

MICHAELA: What does she have on you, Autumn? It can’t just be about a few old identity-theft warrants.

AUTUMN: It’s not just about me.

MICHAELA: What does that mean? Autumn, who else is it about?

Jansen is informed

Scene shifts to the unidentified building where Lietenant Jackson is looking at live tracking data. photos of Ben and Grace are on the screen.

LT. SANDFORD: NYPD left the Stone residence, but so have Grace and Ben Stone. We’re tracking their vehicle, but it’s been stationary for a while. They may have swapped cars.

JANSEN: Get some bodies in the field. Generate a list of potential vehicles family members, colleagues, friends.

LT. SANDFORD: That’s not all. Autumn Cox is in police custody.

Jansen nods his head and gets on the phone. 

JANSEN:  It’s Jansen. I need to speak to the Major. It’s urgent.

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