Tannersville, NY (112.8)

Grace and Ben ride into Tannersville, New York where Cal drew every last detail of a church. Grace and Ben search the town on food asking the towns people if they have seen Cal.

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Driving down Main Street


Scene shifts to Tannersville where they recognize the church Cal drew.

GRACE: This is it Tannersville.

BEN: The statue, the steeple, the flagpole it all matches.

GRACE: This is incredible. He drew every last detail.

BEN: Let’s park back there, show his picture around.

The scene then switches to the Police precinct (cf. 112.9 top of page) before resuming in Tannersville.

Searching the town for Cal

Ben and Grace after parking the truck search for clues on the streets of Tannersville. First, they show a little girl with a red hat a picture of Cal.

GRACE:  Excuse me.

BEN: Hi. Hi, there.

GRACE: Hi. We’re looking for our son. Did you see him?

They then speaks to people on the sidewalk.

BEN: Excuse me, sir, his name is Cal.

GRACE: Excuse, me, sir, hi.

The man shakes his head.

GRACE:  No? [SIGHS] My son is lost. Did you maybe see him? No?

Inside a barber shop, Ben shows a picture of Cal to a man getting his hair cut. One of the barbers is wearing a red smock.  

BEN: Sir, have you seen this little boy?

Grace while inside a cafe standing next to a red cooler shows a waiter a picture of cal

GRACE: Please, I-I-I’m looking for this boy. His name is Cal.

The scene switches back to the Police precinct (cf. 112.9 bottom of page).

What Lies Beneath

Did you see what is playing at the movie theatre in Tannersville? As Ben and Grace are driving down main street the marquee has, “What Lies Beneath.” It seems that we might have another genre entering into the mix here? Not only do we have time travel (e.g. Back to the Future), time loop (e.g. Groundhog Day), but might we strange happenings (e.g. The Tommyknockers). Maybe Tannersville, N.Y. is not the quaint little town it appears to be. Do we have a partial remains of Captain Daly’s plane which may have landed years ago, exploded, and then been buried causing havoc in the region around Zeke’s cave? Wherever the story is taking us, I’m certain it will be better than anything we could imagine. We are already seeing this with the surprise we all got at the end of the episode. It appears that our 828ers are not the only people who travel through time.

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