Autumn’s Child (112.9)

Michaela discovers that the Major knows the whereabouts of Autumn’s daughter and using that as leverage to make Autumn spy on Ben and Michaela. She then confronts Autumn about she is selling out another child to get her own back. Autumn tells Michaela that she did not give the Major Cal’s drawing that she ripped out. Michaela begs Autumn to help her find Cal.

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Finding information

Scene shifts to the 129th Police Precinct where Michaela is on the phone.

MICHAELA: How many years ago was that? Can you spell that last name? Yeah, and and do they have an address? Great. Thank you. You’ve been a lot of help.

Michaela shivers, and puts her jacket on, as Jared approaches.

JARED: How are you cold? They just jacked the heat up in here.

MICHAELA: I don’t know, but listen. That was Social Services. Autumn had a kid, a daughter. She’s 8 years old, which means she was a toddler when the plane disappeared.

JARED: Really?

MICHAELA: She already lost custody due to a prison stint back in 2011, but the woman that she asked me to track down, Clarissa Ford? It turns out that that’s the kid’s foster mom.

JARED: Does she still have the kid?

MICHAELA: No, she was adopted out four years ago, but that’s who she’s talking about, Jared. “It’s not just about me.” She’s talking about her kid. The The Major must’ve tracked her down.

JARED: That’s her leverage.

MICHAELA: So Autumn spies on the passengers, and in return, the Major reunites her with her daughter. That’s why she’s so scared. She doesn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize

JARED: Yeah?

MICHAELA: We’ve tracked down the kid, too, so we can make a deal with Autumn.

JARED Well, we better move fast. The Feds just voided her warrants. What are you talking about? Whoever this Major is, she’s pulling strings. It’s only a matter of time before we have to cut Autumn loose.

Scene shifts back to Tannersville (cf. 112.8 bottom of page) before returning below to the interrogation room.

Interogating Autumn


AUTUMN: You have no idea what it’s like, knowing your child is this close and not being able to see her, begging this woman

MICHAELA: The Major.

AUTUMN: I told her that Cal was special, that somehow he knew things he shouldn’t have known.

MICHAELA: Cal’s sketchbook you tore a page out of it, a picture of where he was going. You sold out another child to get your own.

AUTUMN: I didn’t give her the drawing. I swear to you.

MICHAELA: Autumn, you can make this right still. I can help you see your child.

AUTUMN: Do you know where she is?

MICHAELA: I know exactly where she is, but you have to help us find Cal first.

AUTUMN: I can’t take the risk. If the Major finds out, I don’t know what she’ll do.

Jared opens the door and speaks to Michaela privately. 

JARED: We’re out of time, Mick. Captain wants to kick her. You know we cannot keep her without federal warrants.

MICHAELA: Give me one more minute.

Michaela returns to the table, sighs and inhales sharply before speaking. 

MICHAELA: [SIGHS] [INHALES SHARPLY] Flight 828 it happened for a reason. I believe that it brought us together so that we could help each other, trust each other. Autumn, look at me. Do you really think you can trust the Major?

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