Manifest: A Tale of Two Flights and Many Characters

by Charles Moore |
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Jan 24, 2019

Manifest is a story about time: travel time, ongoing time, lost time, and time travel. Interwoven through are past, present and future events. At the center of these events are the series characters.

Manifest is a tale of two flights

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On April 7, 2013, each took off from Montego Bay, Jamaica to New York City. One arrived three hours later, the other took 5 plus years.

After flight 283 arrived on time, Olive wanted to wait at the airport for her dad (Ben) and brother (Cal) to arrive,  but her mom (Grace) and grandpa (Steve) wanted to go home. This was the longest time Olive had ever been separated from her twin brother, and she was visibly upset. (105.1)

Cal’s flight was scheduled to arrive in 2-hours. Due to an unforeseen weather-related event, and other abnormalities, the flight was delayed. It didn’t arrive until November 4, 2018:  exactly 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days later. (101.3) During that time, Olive who never believed Cal was dead, waited for his return.

Manifest is a tale of many characters

SHOW/HIDE Flight 828 Characters

During the 5 1/2 years, a lot happened. How events played out in our characters’ lives take different forms. For a full list and rundown of all the character’s, check out’s glossary or visit this page. Here is how three characters who were not on Flight 828 are coping with what happened:


Jared has always stood by Michaela.

  • He risked losing his job by taking the blame for her mistake during an undercover sting operation. (104.19)
  • He refused to rat her out to Vance.
  • He helped her find the missing passengers, e.g., Lena Rasmussen, when Cal was hospitalized.
  • When everyone thought Cal had been kidnapped, he risked his job a second time by lying to his colleagues about Cal being with his grandfather, even providing false evidence.

The Stone family is Jared’s family, too.

  • He married Michaela’s BFF Lourdes on the rebound. But, for better or worse, good or bad, he married her.
  • Being married to Lourdes doesn’t mean his actions to keep Michaela’s family safe isn’t sincere.

Jared made a serious mistake.

  • He and Michaela made love in a moment of unbridled passion. She also shares equal blame. (110.24)
  • Now that Zeke has mind-melded with Michaela doesn’t mean she should kick Jared to the curb and tell Lourdes what happened. Unfortunately, that possibility is highly likely. (110.7)


 Grace did not remarry. 

  • She was wearing her wedding band when she showed up at the hangar to meet Ben and Cal. She was also wearing her wedding band when she first met Danny. It has never been revealed if she removed her wedding band during Ben’s absence.
  • She had the opportunity to remarry if she wanted. But she did not. Why she did not is a mystery unto itself, especially since she had started a new life … with a new family.

Grace blames Ben for everything.

  • She blames him for allegedly not telling her about what was going on with him, Cal, and the Callings, and for not resisting when she kicked him out of the house. (112.11)
  • She even went out of her way to chastise him in Danny’s presence, when she said, “From the moment that plane landed, you wanted to walk back into this family like no time had passed.” (110.23)

Grace has a selective memory.

  • Not only did she dismiss Ben’s attempt to honestly inform her about the abnormalities that were happening when Cal was hospitalized (106.7), she has resisted being truthful and open with him since the day he returned.
  • She didn’t tell him about another man permanently living in his house during his absence until Olive blew her secret. Nor did she tell him about Danny stopping by when he wasn’t home; whether she truly loved Danny or not, or if she was still secretly seeing Danny.

Grace now knows everything. 

  • Travel time. Missing time. Lost time. Time travel. Abnormal brain activity. Blood markers. Near death indicators. Collective consciousness. Callings. Freed hostages. Comatose patients. The Major.
  • She no longer gets a free pass when it comes to falsely blaming Ben. Nor can she continue to allow Olive to behave like Danny’s her dad, too. What will she do with her new-found knowledge? Use it to join the fight? Or voluntarily surrender?

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The Major:

Understanding motive is more difficult than stitching time travel together.

  • The Major said she had been “running point for 22-years.” Running point for what organization and for what purpose? (112.18)
  • Twenty-two years would turn the hands of time in the Major’s story back to 1996. Other than being able to view Hale-Bopp Comet with the naked eye, there was really nothing to see in 1996. Unless she considered Hale-Bopp an enigma. As she said to her henchman about Cal, “there’s no need to chase the enigma when it lives in our backyard.”

Who or what has the Major been chasing for 22-years?

  • Other worldly beings? Body snatchers? Or is she simply on a single-minded, lifetime mission to do evil and control humanity, no matter what it takes?
  • She could easily order Ben’s death. All she would need to do is snap her fingers. With him out of the way, her job would be much easier. But she hasn’t.
  • And why kill Roger Mencin? His death doesn’t make sense. Unless it was really an accident.

Is the Major’s motivation to fix what has gone wrong?

Other connections and reconnections

Twins rule their own time and place

  • Although they were on separate flights, Olive and Cal’s are mentally linked by a psychic connection that has forever remained intact.
  • This connection is why Olive saved Cal’s toys by keeping them in Danny’s storage bin. (102.19)
  • It is also the reason she found Cal’s “I Left” note and let her parents know that he had not been kidnapped.
  • It would appear Olive’s and Cal’s psychic bond is growing stronger.
  • Olive has attended therapy sessions twice a week for years. The reasons for the sessions could be obvious. But those reasons could also result from time-abnormality problems associated with the psychic link she has with Cal. (101.14)

Flying under the radar

  • Zeke Landon wasn’t on any of the flights from Jamaica, but he did somehow mysteriously disappear for a year while seeking shelter in a cave from a storm.
  • He is now is having Callings, just like some of the passengers on Flight 828.
  • He has a strong psychic link with both Michaela and Cal.
  • Is Zeke the individual the Zealot who accosted Cal on street was referring to when she said, “He is risen. He is not here. He is risen.” (102.8)
  • It does appear he was miraculously resurrected in a cave. According to Saanvi Bahl, lab results show he had a “near death” experience.

But as Cal said during the flight, “It’s all connected.” Words which continue to remain a mystery. Do his words insinuate that a Dark Lightning time-distortion within the Bermuda Triangle in 2013 is connected through time and space to a 2017  storm-related event in a cave located in upstate New York? Time will tell. Literally.

So, where do past, present, and future events take the story from here? It’s anyone’s guess. But now that the tales of the two flights have merged, untold new adventures are waiting to take-off.

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