Bait Shop I (113.1)

Zeke has a flashback to December 2017 when he purchased the Celebrity Dossier magazine from a bait shop before going hiking on the mountain. The clerk behind the counter has his own theory why Flight 828 went missing: the Russians plucked it out of the sky.READ MORE

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Pork Rinds


The scene is a bait shop


🎵  I woke up this morning 🎵
🎵  Didn’t recognize the man 🎵

CLERK: That’ll be it for you today?

ZEKE: Unless you got pork rinds in the back.

The register beeps.

CLERK: Yeah, we get more on Tuesday, maybe.

ZEKE: Then I’ll be back on Tuesday, maybe.

Gunnar’s Hill

CLERK: You look familiar. You been in before?

ZEKE: Something like that.

CLERK: You a climber? If you’re gonna do Gunnar’s Hill, we got some great new gloves you sh—

ZEKE: Nope. Just a hike.

Celebrity Dossier Magazine


Zeke picks up a magazine and places it on the counter. It is a special edition of Celebrity Dossier magazine, dated December 2017, “Commemorating the Passengers of Missing Montego Air Flight 828.” On the cover are their pictures and a plane. The image of the plane is placed over the flame of a candle. 

ZEKE: Crazy. Still no trace after, what, four years?

CLERK: Oh, that plane? It ain’t missing.

ZEKE: Oh, yeah?

CLERK: The Russians took it. Plucked it right out of the sky.

ZEKE: Makes sense.

Register beeps.

ZEKE: Okay, you have a great day.

CLERK: You bet. See you soon.

As Zeke leaves he stop momentarily and notices one of the the photos of the passengers on the front cover. It is Michaela’s. 


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2 thoughts on “Bait Shop I (113.1)

  1. Why is the special edition of Celebrity Dossier magazine, commemorating the missing Flight 828 passengers, dated December 2017?

    Flight 828 disappeared in April 2013 and returned in November 2018. Why commemorate the passengers with a special edition of the magazine in the month of December; and not April or November?

    Were those responsible for publishing the magazine responsible for Zeke’s December 2017 disappearance and his return in December 2018? Other than Zeke disappearing in December 2017 and Grace getting pregnant in December 2018, what makes the month of December special?

  2. The front page cover of a “special edition” of Celebrity Dossier magazine, commemorating the missing MA 828 passengers, shows the picture of a plane over the flame of a candle.

    The picture of the plane shown is a 747 jumbo jet, not the much smaller 737 model used by Montego Airlines on April 7, 2013, when the plane and passengers went missing.

    But it’s no problem. The entertainment industry thrives on using embellishment and sensationalism as tools of the trade to assist in capturing the hearts and minds of its audience.

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