Bait Shop I (113.1)

Zeke has a flashback to December 2017 when he purchased the Celebrity Dossier magazine from a bait shop before going hiking on the mountain. The clerk behind the counter has his own theory why Flight 828 went missing: the Russians plucked it out of the sky.READ MORE

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Pork Rinds


The scene is a bait shop


🎵  I woke up this morning 🎵
🎵  Didn’t recognize the man 🎵

CLERK: That’ll be it for you today?

ZEKE: Unless you got pork rinds in the back.

The register beeps.

CLERK: Yeah, we get more on Tuesday, maybe.

ZEKE: Then I’ll be back on Tuesday, maybe.

Gunnar’s Hill

CLERK: You look familiar. You been in before?

ZEKE: Something like that.

CLERK: You a climber? If you’re gonna do Gunnar’s Hill, we got some great new gloves you sh—

ZEKE: Nope. Just a hike.

Celebrity Dossier Magazine


Zeke picks up a magazine and places it on the counter. It is a special edition of Celebrity Dossier magazine, dated December 2017, “Commemorating the Passengers of Missing Montego Air Flight 828.” On the cover are their pictures and a plane. The image of the plane is placed over the flame of a candle. 

ZEKE: Crazy. Still no trace after, what, four years?

CLERK: Oh, that plane? It ain’t missing.

ZEKE: Oh, yeah?

CLERK: The Russians took it. Plucked it right out of the sky.

ZEKE: Makes sense.

Register beeps.

ZEKE: Okay, you have a great day.

CLERK: You bet. See you soon.

As Zeke leaves he stop momentarily and notices one of the the photos of the passengers on the front cover. It is Michaela’s. 


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