Police Investigation (113.10)

The police arrive to gather facts and prints about the vandalism. Ben shows them a video from the front door surveillance camera. Grace who is concerned about the kids wants to know who would do such a thing.READ MORE

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About the crime

Scene shifts to the Stone House where Ben is showing the police the video from the front door surveillance camera.

BEN And that’s all it recorded before they ruined the camera.

JARED: We got the brick and the paint can. Hopefully we can get the prints off them.

RIOJAS: Hope so, ’cause we can’t I.D. them from the footage. They knew what they were doing.

JARED: Yeah, they had a getaway plan. I mean, I lost them pretty quickly.

Concern for the kids

Grace enters the room.

GRACE: Kids are coping all right, I think.

RIOJAS: And we’ll post a car outside, make sure these punks don’t come back.

Who might have done it

GRACE: Thank you. I mean, who would do this? Do you think it could be those crazy people who stand around, holding up signs, like that woman who came up to Cal on the street?

BEN: No, they think we’re practically deities. They’re trying to, I don’t know, worship us. I just don’t see them throwing bricks through our window. But we need to find out who did.

RIOJAS: Let us do the police work, okay?

JARED: Guys, we’ll get them, all right?

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