“Go Back!” II (113.11)

Zeke and Michaela find the cave. When they go inside, they have another experience of the calling, “Go Back.” Michaela asks Zeke what the stars in the calling might mean. He shows her the necklace he gave his sister for her 9th birthday. It has a gold star attached to it. Zeke says he killed (although he did not mean to) his little sister.READ MORE

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At the entrance to the cave

Scene shifts to the area around the cave.

MICHAELA: How much farther?

ZEKE: We’re close now. It’s just ahead. Here it is.

MICHAELA: It’s amazing.

ZEKE: I’m not a big fan.

Michaela takes pictures of the cave entrance with her camera.

ZEKE: Got a thing for rocks?

MICHAELA: I’m sending it to my brother.

ZEKE: Ah. He’s got a thing for rocks?

MICHAELA: He’s got a thing for puzzles, and this cave just so happens to be part of a really, really big one. Come on. Let’s see what the calling wants us to find.

Inside the cave

Scene shift to the stone house (113.12), and then shifts back to inside the cave (see below).

ZEKE: Doesn’t look like a time-space portal, does it?

MICHAELA: No, it looks like a cave.

Michaela takes more pictures.

ZEKE: This is where I decided not to burn your picture.

MICHAELA: Oh, thank you.

ZEKE: No, thank you. Your photo was the one thing that kept me going.

MICHAELA: I’m, uh, not totally sure what we’re supposed to find.

ZEKE: Yeah, me either.

MICHAELA: Hey, Zeke, you can’t just

The calling again


Michaela and Zeke have another instance of their shared calling.

VOICE OF CALLING: [ZEKE] Go back!. Go back!

ZEKE: [SIGHS] What the hell? Why again? I don’t know.

MICHAELA: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it’s not about the cave. I don’t know. The calling said to go back, but to go back where? [SCOFFS] The stars. We were hearing your voice. Zeke, what do “stars” mean to you? Zeke.

Zeke shows Michaela a necklace he’s wearing. At it’s end is a golden star. 

ZEKE I gave it to Chloe for her 9th birthday. She loved it so much. And afterwards I’ve worn it ever since.

The exact nature of one’s wrongs

MICHAELA: The calling wasn’t about the cave. It was about your sister. You came back here because of her.

ZEKE: Step 5.

MICHAELA: I don’t—

ZEKE: Alcoholics Anonymous. 12 steps? I was stuck at 5  “Admit to a higher power, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” Zeke, what did you come here to admit? That I killed her. I didn’t mean to. But I killed my little sister.

Skip ahead to  (113.13). 

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