Father and Daughter (113.12)

After taping plastic over the broken window, Ben asks Olive how she is holding up over what happened. Olive tells her dad she knows about the callings. They agree that starting now it is going to be a wide-open book between them; no more secrets.READ MORE

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Holding up

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Scene shifts to the living room. Ben is taping plastic over the broken window as Olive enters.

BEN: Hey, Ollie. OLIVE: How you holding up with all this?

OLIVE: I’m okay. You know, it’s kinda hard to believe that there are people out there that hate you and Cal.

BEN: They don’t hate us. They hate an idea.

OLIVE: The idea that you came back different?

BEN: But w-we didn’t. We’re the exact same people who left.

The twin thing

OLIVE: I know. Except for the callings.

BEN: Olive, how did you Cal told me a long time ago.

OLIVE: And here you are, living.

CAL: He said it was like trying to keep a secret from himself. And he couldn’t do it.

BEN: The twin thing.

OLIVE: Dad, you could’ve told me. You could’ve trusted me.

BEN: No. Honey, this has nothing to do with trust. I trust you infinitely. I was trying to protect you.

OLIVE: [SIGHS] Look, I know I don’t get the callings like you and Cal. But this? This is happening to all of us.

BEN: Okay. Starting now, it’s a wide-open book between you and me. No more secrets. Deal?

OLIVE: Deal.

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This scene dispells a myth about the callings

Ben believed that if they told a non-passenger about them then that person would die. However, Olive coming to Ben and saying that she’s known for a while, and is still alive, means that belief doesn’t hold the water he once thought it did.

Olive is a character that has the potential to do more in the story, and I think this is a way of bringing her to that point. “Cleared for Approach” breaks the walls that isolate Olive and Grace from the rest of the family, and give the story a way forward.

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One thought on “Father and Daughter (113.12)

  1. Olive has a well-documented track record when it comes to keeping secrets from Ben. In fact, when it comes to her behavior toward him; her own trust issues never fail to come into question.

    For example, in E10, she used the following words when inviting Danny to dinner … explicitly highlight her duplicitous intent.

    DANNY: Olive, I-I’d love that, but it’s really up to your mom.

    OLIVE: [SIGHS] She’s not gonna ask. I can tell she misses you, but it’s like she’s punishing herself.

    Her real intent for inviting Danny to dinner was to hook him up with her mom Grace again. (“Danny’s family”) She tried to do the exact same thing when she called Danny and texted Grace to pick her up at Bluemercury. (“Danny’s my dad, too.”)

    Before inviting Danny to dinner, Olive know about Ben and Cal’s ‘abilities.’ When Ben said he and Cal were the same people, Olive said, “I know. Except for the callings. Cal told me a long time ago.”

    A long time ago? Of course, knowing about Ben and Cal’s callings didn’t stop Olive from going behind Ben’s back and inviting Danny to dinner. Having knowledge of this information didn’t stop her from telling Danny that Grace missed him and was punishing herself by not seeing him.

    Olive has her own personal agenda when it comes to the Stone family. And she appears to have no problem stabbing her own father in the back to ensure her agenda is carried out. JMO.

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