Aftershock Theory (113.13)

Saanvi discovers that Zeke has the same blood marker as the 828ers. This convinces Ben that he is not lying.  Moreover, Sasanvi discovers that when Zeke was in the cave, their was an electrical storm in the center of the blizzard. After ben says that perhaps the earthquake was the terrestial equivalent of the turbulence, Saanvi comes up with her “Aftershock Theory”: The plane was the earthquake, what happened to Zeke was the aftershock.READ MORE

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Eschemic blood marker

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Scene shifts to the laboratory at the hospital where Saanvi is working at her station with headphone on, and doesn’t hear Ben come in.

BEN: Hey.

He taps her on the back.

BEN: Hey.

SAANVI [GASPS] Oh. Sorry. Hi. Thank you for coming.

BEN: Uh, if you couldn’t say it over the phone, I assume you have news.

SAANVI: He’s one of us. Zeke has the same eschemic blood marker.

BEN: So he wasn’t lying.

Dark lightning

SAANVI: Whatever happened to us on that plane also happened to Zeke in his cave.

BEN: Okay. Okay, w-we need to look for any common properties between the plane and the cave uh, size, dimensions, uh, I don’t know, mineral composition, ley lines, anything. I’ve already started cross-referencing maps of the area with weather data from 2017. There was an electrical storm in the center of this blizzard, Ben. It’s extremely rare, but it can happen.

BEN: Dark lightning?

SAANVI: I can’t prove it, but it tracks.

BEN: Zeke said he felt something like an earthquake. Maybe that was the terrestrial equivalent of the turbulence.

A new data point

SAANVI: This is so huge. We have an entirely new data point. So, we can focus our research on finding any similarities between the two events, maybe more.

BEN: Meaning what?

SAANVI: Aftershock theory: The plane was the earthquake. This is the aftershock.

Jared’s text message

Ben’s cellphone chimes. He looks at his text messages.

BEN [SIGHS] – Jared got ’em.

SAANVI: Got who?

BEN: Uh, some people spray-painted an “X” on our front door and then threw a brick through our window.

SAANVI: Ben, oh, my God. Is everyone okay?

BEN: Yeah, for now. But these people seem to really hate us. They don’t even think we’re human. Please be careful. I worry about you. Kind of wishing that 8B was still around.

Saanvi’s happy place

SAANVI: Ben, the world as we know it, from a scientific standpoint, has changed. I am neck-deep in it. This is exactly where I want to be. This is my happy place.

BEN: Just please be careful.

Ben leaves.

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