Sharing of Wrongs (113.14)

Zeke explains to Michaela that he was 15 when he took Chloe to the ravine. But when a girl who he hardly knew called him, he told his little sister to stop bugging him. An our later she her dead body was pulled up from the ravine. Ever since then he has suffered from guilt. Michaela then tells him about how her drinking and driving killed Evie.READ MORE

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Zeke’s wrong

Scene shifts back to the cave.

MICHAELA: What do you mean you killed her?

ZEKE: I was 15. I thought I was too old to come camping with my family. Chloe wasn’t allowed to go to the ravine, so I said I would take her. But then then I got a phone call from some girl I barely knew. I should’ve said, “I’ll call you back in an hour,” but I was stupid and selfish. And I told my little sister, “Stop bugging me. I’m on the phone.” Those were the last words I ever said to her. Less than an hour later, they pulled her dead body up. There’s a memorial in her honor where she died, but I’ve never had the guts to go see it let alone tell my parents what I did. I destroyed my entire family. I’ve never told anyone. [SNIFFLES] And it is eating me alive with guilt.

MICHAELA: Zeke, you were 15 years old.

ZEKE: No. P-Please, don’t don’t do that. Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t my fault.

Michaela’s wrong

MICHAELA: No, it was. It was your fault. My best friend was killed in a car accident. I was driving, and I had I’d been drinking. So, yeah, no matter what the world wants to tell me, it was my fault.

ZEKE: So, how do you move forward?


ZEKE: I think I might know what this voice wants. Maybe I’m supposed to go back to Chloe’s memorial, to where she died.


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