Anti-828 sentiment (113.15)

The police interrogate a suspect in the vandalism case. Days earlier, Cody Webber had set up an 828 hate site. Ever since Daly stole the plane, a group of people think they are terrorists. While Jared is budy receiving an update on another case, Ben takes a peek at the police report on the table. READ MORE

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The defense

Scene shifts to the 119th police precinct’s interrogation room.

CODY: So, why am I being interrogated and not these passengers? Two of them stole a damn airplane and were gonna fly into who knows what till the military finally shot it out of the sky.

Jared and Ben are standing at the window watching. Jared turns the volume down. 

BEN: This guy’s prints are on the paint canister.

JARED: He sells ’em, and he touches all of ’em. And he says he has an alibi. We’ll look into it.

BEN: So you don’t think he’s involved?

The website

JARED: Oh, he’s involved. [SCOFFS] Look at this. A few days ago, he registered an anti-828 website.

Jared shows Ben a video on the website.

CODY: [ON VIDEO] So, what do they do? They released these passengers, these imposters, send them off like seeds in the wind seeds of hate, destruction, terrorism. We need to track down every one of them and stop them before it’s too late. If the government won’t do it, the people will.

Jared turns the video off and scrolls the webpage down.

BEN 900 people on this site. Can we have it shut down?

JARED: It’s not the only one, Ben. Ever since Daly stole that plane, the idea that 828 passengers are terrorists is starting to spread, and fast.

BEN: We’re the terrorists? Nine of us, who were experimented on like lab rats, are laying catatonic in a facility under false identities for their own protection. Kelly Taylor was murdered for coming back. Harvey Stein jumped off a building. We’re not the bad guys here. We just want to be left the hell alone.

Opportunity knocks

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There’s a knock on the door.

WOMAN: Hey, Vasquez, got an update on the armored car homicide.

JARED: (TO BEN) Give me a sec.

As Jared leaves the viewing area, he leaves the police report about Cody behind. Ben is able to look at it briefly before Jared returns.

JARED:  Sorry. Different case. Look, Ben. Why don’t you go home? There’s nothing you can do here right now.

BEN: Sounds like there’s nothing anyone can do.

JARED: We might have to let him walk today, but we’ll get him. Just give us some time.

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