In Loving Memory (113.16)

Zeke shares a remembrance of his sister at a memorial marker. Afterwards, they set out to build a stone monument in her honor.READ MORE

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Scene shifts to a wooded area where Zeke brushes leaves off a memorial marker on the ground  of his sister, “In Loving Memory of Chloe.”

ZEKE: [SNIFFLES] Chloe, I, uh [VOICE BREAKING] I [SNIFFLES] No, I can’t do this.

MICHAELA: Okay. Okay. Why don’t you just tell me about her instead?

ZEKE: Oh, this is where I talk about how sweet and kind and smart she was, right?

MICHAELA: I don’t know. Was she?

ZEKE: No. I mean, she was smart. But God, she was bossy. She used to get this look on her face, and I swear we would all just step aside. One time at dinner, my parents were onto me about my grades, not living up to my potential, and Chloe summoned this massive burp. I mean, like, the mother of all belches. Everyone was laughing, but my mom was like, “Chloe,” a-and Chloe turned to answer, but instead let out another one. [CHUCKLES] And she leaned over to me, and she said, “You owe me big-time.” [SNIFFLES] And she was right. I do owe her. [CLEARS THROAT, SNIFFLES] After my parents put this in, they kept wanting me to come up here and build a cairn. It’s a little stone monument. I used to build ’em with Chloe. She called them “fairy towers.”

MICHAELA: Let’s build one.

ZEKE: Yeah? Okay. Can’t just use any old rock. We need flat surfaces, starting with the biggest, flattest rock we can find.


ZEKE: And the stacking is precise.

MICHAELA: All right.

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