The Peacock (113.17)

While Ben is speaking with Olive one of her school books drops and spreads wide open. When Ben picks it up, he sees a picture of a peacock and has a flashback to the day of the Red Hook explosion. Ben says that since then he has learned that peacocks are an early symbol of resurrection. Olive tells him that they are also messengers for the goddess Juno.READ MORE

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The new doorbell


Scene shifts to the Stone house. Ben closes the front door while Olive finishes her homework while on the couch.

BEN Well, my plan may not be much, but the new doorbell kicks ass.

OLIVE: Oh, you’re crushing it.

The peacock

As Olive reaches for her books, one of them falls to the floor.

BEN: Here. I’ll get that.

As he picks up the book, it is open to a page where there is a picture of a peacock.

BEN: What’s this peacock?

OLIVE: It’s for my mythology class.

Ben has a flashback to the peacock he saw after the Red Hook explosion.

BEN: I think it may be more than that.

OLIVE: What do you mean?

BEN: Okay. A few weeks ago, I had a calling, a vision of a peacock. This This can’t be a coincidence.

OLIVE: Well, what do you want to know? All this ancient symbolism stuff is kinda my jam.

BEN: Well, I’ve done some research, and peacocks are an early Christian and Byzantine symbol for resurrection.

OLIVE: Well, they probably adopted it from the Greeks and Romans, who thought peacocks represented immortality. They were also messengers for the goddess Juno.

BEN: Messengers. This is a message. Tell me more about Juno.

The text message

Grace enters the living room.

GRACE: Ben? Have you seen your phone?

BEN: No. Why?

GRACE: Jared just texted. They let Cody Webber go.

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