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Ben shows up at Cody Webber’s place of business and tells him to stay away from his family. Noticing that Ben seess Cal’s picture on his desk. Cody says, “Cute kid. I wonder if he bleeds.” After knocking a lamp off the desk, and swiping a camcorder out of the hands of someone, he gets in Cody’s face and threatens him. When the police arrive, Cody says the whole interaction was live streamed. READ MORE

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Ben’s message


Scene shifts to the workplace of Cody Webber where Ben makes a visit.

BEN: You know who I am?

CODY: Yeah, I do. What the hell are you doing here?

BEN: You came to my home to deliver a message. Now I have one for you. Stay away from my family.

CODY: Sure, we’ll stay away on one condition. You explain to us exactly why you came back.

BEN: I had no control over this.

CODY: Uh-huh. I suppose your pilot friend had no control over the airplane he stole. All of you are just a ticking time bomb.

Ben’s attack


Ben sees a picture of Cal on the desk and places his hands on it. Meanwhile, one of Cody’s working is filming everything on a camcorder. 

CODY: It’s a cute kid. I wonder if he bleeds.

Ben swipes the lamp off Cody’s desk, and then knocks the camcorder to the ground before getting in the face of Cody. Another worker is videotaping everything on his phone.

BEN: If you come anywhere near a member of my family again, then you will know exactly what someone who has already died once is willing to do.

The police arrive.

BEN: Officers. Look. Look at what they’re posting. These are innocent people they’re threatening.

CODY: Is that right? You come into my place of business, threaten me, destroy my property? And it was all live-streamed.

Ben Stays in Character

The fact that Ben reacts to getting a brick through his window with his usual need to take matters into his own hands was somehow reassuringly consistent with what we know about his character, even though it didn’t turn out so well for him this time.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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