Mother and Son (113.19)

In a very touching scene, Cal asks his mom what’s wrong with him, and if he is a freak, even suspecting that he might not be himself anymore. Grace comforts Cal saying she knows exactly who he is. He is her little boy. Moms know these things. READ MORE

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Cal’s doubts

Scene shifts to the front porch of the stone house where Cal is sitting on the steps watching the police car.

GRACE: Hey, love? You should really stay inside like we talked about.

CAL: How long are they gonna protect us?

GRACE: I don’t know. A while? What’s up, Calamander? Sweetie, talk to me.
What is it? Are you scared?

He turns his head and looks at the big red “X” mark on the door.

CAL: What’s wrong with me? Am I a freak?

GRACE: No. Of course not. Cal, you can’t listen to those people. They don’t know you.

Grace’s reassurance


CAL: I don’t know me, either.

GRACE: I do. I know you.

CAL: But you don’t know where I went or how I came back. How do you know I’m still me?

GRACE: Yeah, you’re right. There are a lot of things I don’t know. But I know exactly who you are. You’re the little boy who spent the first three weeks of preschool peeking out from behind my leg. The kid who once put his hand into this metal grate to pull out a Matchbox car and cut his arm right here.

Grace points to the scar on his left forearm.

CAL: It was my third—

GRACE: Third-best Matchbox car? I know. Because I know you. I would know if you weren’t you. A mom would know. I can see right into your heart, and you’re you. You’re my little boy, my very same little boy.

CAL: But now I can do some weird stuff.

GRACE: Some pretty awesome stuff. You want to know what my favorite awesome thing you can do is? Make a killer lasagna. What do you say? You want to help?

Cal runs inside. Grace then follows him.

Cal’s Introspection

The most successful bit of reflection [in the episode] came from Cal who up until now has accepted his callings as if they were the most natural thing in the world. For him to ask Grace, “Am I a freak? How do you know I’m still me?” was quite an introspective bit of philosophy for a boy his age. Grace hasn’t always been the most likable character, but Athena Karkanis has done a fabulous job with her more heartfelt family scenes. When she reassures her son telling him, “A mom would know,” we believe it, just like we do when she tells Ben in a show of reconciliation, “I need you here.” (113.22)

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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