Lists of Questions (113.2)

Zeke explains to Michaela how he cut his hand after the blizzard packed him in the cave and he did not have the tools to break through the snow or ice. Michaela changes Zeke’s bandage. When Ben says he’s ready to go back to the city, Zeke says he is not ready yet. Michaela agrees to stay with Zeke. Ben is suspicious of Zeke because Zeke does not mention or want to reconnect with family. When Ben mentions Jared, Michaela says she does not want to involve him right now.READ MORE

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Zeke’s Questions

Scene shifts to the cabin where Zeke is recovering.

MICHAELA: The sleep did you good. Your color looks better. You want some hot chocolate? Zeke.

ZEKE: Am I dead?

MICHAELA: [SIGHS] No, but that would be easier to explain.

ZEKE: A person can’t freeze to death in a cave and then, a year later, walk out alive. Not on planet Earth. This is Earth, right? [CHUCKLES]

MICHAELA: Yes, it is. And you did.

ZEKE: How?

MICHAELA: We’re still trying to figure that out.

Michaela’s Questions

MICHAELA: Look, why don’t you walk me through everything that you remember? You said that you were hiking, right?

ZEKE: And then this just monster blizzard hit, came out of nowhere.

MICHAELA: So then you took shelter in the cave?

ZEKE: I was packed in. I mean, I didn’t have the tools or the strength to break through the snow and ice. I tried.

Zeke takes a drink of cocoa from a thermos. His left hand still has the white bandage that Ben placed on it the night before. 

MICHAELA: That’s where you got the cuts, from trying to dig yourself out?

ZEKE: Mm. Didn’t work.

Zeke rotates his left wrist.

MICHAELA: Can I change those?

Zek places his thermos on the floor.

MICHAELA: So, then you remember two weeks passing?

As Zeke unwraps the bandage which is stained in blood, Ben enters through the cabin’s door. 

ZEKE: Thought that was it for me.

MICHAELA: How’d you get out of the cave?

ZEKE: Earthquake or avalanche or something. Whole mountain shook, and the ice broke away enough for me to crawl out and, make my way to the first place I found. And to the dead girl I kept telling myself to find.

MICHAELA: Except I wasn’t dead. And I heard you.

ZEKE: And my list of questions grows.

Zeke wants to stay

BEN: Well, we can talk about all that on the ride back to the city. Grace and Cal are loaded in. Let’s hit it.

ZEKE: I-I think I’m actually just gonna stay up here for a while. This place has great cocoa.

BEN: We’re taking Cal straight to the hospital. We know someone there that can have a look at you as well.

ZEKE: I’m fine, really. I just need some time to process everything before I go back to civilization.

BEN: Zeke, you need to come. We don’t know if that’s infected—

ZEKE: Sorry. I’m not going. Not yet.

MICHAELA: I’ll stay with him.

Ben’s Questions

BEN: What? (TO ZEKE) Excuse us.

Ben and Michaela go into another room and Ben closes a curtain.

BEN: What are you doing? This guy’s got to come with us so Saanvi can check him out. He could hold the key to everything that happened to us. 828 defied the known laws of physics. We’ve got to figure out how the hell a cave did the same thing. There has to be a connection.

MICHAELA: Yeah, exactly. And since he’s clearly not coming, I’ll stay here and figure out as much as we can.

BEN: All right. I-I-It Just find out as many details as you can about what happened to him. Look for specific times, locations—

MICHAELA: Oh, you mean like a detective? Ben, I got this. Go take care of your family.

Ben hesitates.

MICHAELA: What? Why are you hesitating?

BEN: What’s the first thing you wanted to do when the plane landed and we found out?

MICHAELA: Contact our family and Jared.

BEN: Exactly. We have been in a cabin for eight hours with Zeke. He hasn’t even asked to use the phone? We don’t know anything about this guy. He could be part of some elaborate plan by the Major.

MICHAELA: Cal and I had a calling about him. Ben, I think we can trust him.

BEN: All right. I’ll call Jared, see if he can come up—

MICHAELA: No. No [SIGHS] I don’t think we should involve him. It’s complicated. I just I don’t want to be around him right now.

BEN: Okay. You sure you’re all right?

MICHAELA: Yeah. Go. I got this.

BEN: Be safe.

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