Ben’s Arrest (113.20)

Ben is arrested and taken to the 119th police precinct, where Jared confronts him in the interrogation room. Jared tells him that he has played right into this hate group’s hands. Although Ben is allowed to walk, Jared tells him if it happens again he nor Michaela will not be able to help him. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the 119th police precinct interrogation room.

JARED: We were monitoring his website. I had a squad car posted a block away just waiting for him to slip up. But instead

Jared shows him a video of Ben threatening Cody which was live streamed on his website. 

BEN: [ON VIDEO] If you ever come anywhere near a member of my family again, you will know exactly what someone who has already died once is willing to do.

Jared turns video off.

JARED: Because of your little performance, his website’s doubled its traffic in the last hour, and it’s growing by the minute. Ben, you played right into their hands. And you used me to get his information, didn’t you? Took it right off my police report.

BEN: I’m sorry, Jared, but you know me. I’m not gonna just sit back and wait for the next bad thing to happen to my family.

JARED: You can’t go looking for it, either. This is a desk appearance ticket. They’re letting you walk, but if this happens again, I can’t help you. Neither can Michaela.

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