“Go Back!” III (113.21)

When Zeke and Michaela finish building the monument, and Zeke places his sister’s star necklace on it, they embrace. They then receive the “Go Back” calling a third time. But this time there is lightning in the night sky, and they hear Michaela’s voice, not Zeke’s. Michaela thinks that it means that Zeke must go back to the city with her.READ MORE

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Placing of the star

Scene shifts to the woods near Chloe’s memorial where Zeke places the final stone on top of Chloe’s “fairy tower”. He then places his sister’s star necklace on top.

ZEKE: I think this is exactly what I needed to do, and yet I don’t feel any better.

MICHAELA: [SCOFFS] Yeah, it’s not magic. It’s not gonna change right away. But it begins to feel less heavy. It’s a start.

ZEKE: I don’t think there’s anyone else who can understand this, could understand me.
Thank you.

MICHAELA: You’re welcome.

The calling still again


As they give each other a hug, they both have a third rendition of the calling. Again they are beneath a night sky with many stars.


Lightning and thunder occur.  When the calling ends, they both say at the same time:

ZEKE Your voice.

MICHAELA My voice.

ZEKE: We’re not done yet, are we?

Going back with Michaela

MICHAELA: Last time, we heard your voice. But this time we heard mine, so maybe you’re supposed to come back with me.

ZEKE: Go back where?

MICHAELA: I don’t know. Back home? Back to the world?

ZEKE: I’m not sure the world wants me back. You have no idea how miserable I made everyone. They do not want to see me again.

MICHAELA: Zeke, your parents lost both of their children. Could you imagine what they would do to get one of them back?

ZEKE: Maybe. But just not yet. I need to do a little work first. If this truly is my second chance, I want to make it count. I’ll go back with you. But me going back into the world? That’s for another day.


ZEKE: Goodbye, Chlo. I love you.

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