Pictograph (113.24)

When Michaela tells Zeke that she wishes she could redo her own reentry, Zeke says that perhaps that is why she found him, to help him change his reentry. They while holding hands and discover a pictograph on a rock wall of two stick figures holding hands with stars above them. When they realize that drawing is of them, dark lightning flashes across the sky.READ MORE

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Scene shifts to an area very similar to the one in Michaela and Zeke’s calling of a large outcrop of rocks.

ZEKE: It is beautiful up here. I have an idea. How ’bout we just stay up here and forget the world? I’m starting to like this place again. But I’m assuming you have something to get back to.

MICHAELA: I’m not exactly sure. But, yeah, I should probably go deal with it. I just keep wishing that I could redo my whole re-entry, but I’m not sure what I would’ve done to change the way that it turned out.

ZEKE: Maybe that’s why I was supposed to find you to help me change mine.

As they start walking, Zeke reaches out his hand to help Michaela step up on some rocks.


Continuing to hold hands, they discover a pictograph on the wall of rock of two stick figures holding hands with stars above them. A lightning storm begins.

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