Checking Out (113.3)

Saanvi checks out Cal at the hospital. Ben who remains suspicious of Zeke gives Saanvi a plastic blag which has a bloodstained bandage. Saanvi will use it to run tests to see if Zeke has the same blood marker has the 828ers. READ MORE

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Checking out Cal

Scene shifts to the hospital back in New York City where Saanvi just checked out Cal who is tying his shoes on the examination table.

SAANVI: He’s gonna be fine. Slight cold symptoms. Nothing a good night’s sleep won’t knock out.

GRACE: Thank you for coming in on your day off.

SAANVI: It’s no problem. I wanted to check on some patients anyway.

Checking out Saanvi

GRACE: Don’t you ever take a vacation?

SAANVI: Well, I went to Jamaica.

GRACE: [CHUCKLES] Right. I guess that kind of went sideways.

SAANVI: Actually, it went sideways even before the plane disappeared. The person I was supposed to go with Just didn’t work out.

BEN: Right. 8B. The seat beside you was empty. I can’t believe I never—

Ben’s interest and slight ahh! ahh! smile makes Saanvi uncomfortable, and she turns to Cal.


Some might still be wishing for Ben and Saanvi to get together instead, and the mysterious talk of the person in 8B that was supposed to go to Jamaica with her was a subtle bit of interplay between them.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

Is a Saanvi centered storyline in the works?

I am ready for a Saanvi centered storyline… I think the little threads dropping about her going to Jamaica and how the seat next to her was empty are great breadcrumbs. For the number of times that Saanvi has helped Ben, I think she deserves the space to have her story unpacked a little bit more.

SOURCE: Lauren Busser (Tell-Tale TV)

Checking out Zeke

SAANVI: Yeah. Okay, um, Cal, I think you’re ready to go. Although I think Bernadette just refilled her famous candy jar at the nurses’ station.

Cal smiles and jumps off the examination table headed toward the door.

BEN: Come straight back.

GRACE: One. Only one.

SAANVI: I just I can’t believe it happened again. What’s his name?

GRACE: Zeke.

SAANVI: Okay. I need to run the tests on him to see if he has the same blood marker that we do.

Ben reaches into his pocket.

BEN:  I was hoping you’d say that because I don’t normally carry things like this around with me.

Ben shows Saanvi a plastic blag. Inside it is Zeke’s bloodstained bandage.

GRACE: I hope it’s enough to test.

BEN: Just please be careful. We have no idea if the Major’s watching us. If she finds out how Cal led us to the cabin and Zeke S-She can never know that.

GRACE: No one can.

Cal comes back with a red (Dum Dum) ball-shaped candy on a stick.

CAL: Know what?

GRACE: Uh, nothing. Do you want to get going?

CAL: Yeah.

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One thought on “Checking Out (113.3)

  1. Seat 8B? Just imagine. Ginnifer Goodwin gets a guest starring role as Saanvi Bahl’s (Parveen Kaur) lover. Showing up as the person missing from Seat 8B.

    As Saanvi stated, “The person I was supposed to go with Just didn’t work out.” But it could work out beyond the hopes and desires of many fans. In my opinion, the on-screen chemistry between Ginnifer and Parveen would be off the charts.

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