Billboard Sign (113.4)

On their way home from the hospital, while stopping at a red light, Ben, Cal and Grace see a billboard demanding an investigation of the 828er’s. It questions that they are even human. It has a big red “X” on the airplane. At the bottom is a website address, “828demandthetruth”READ MORE

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Danny connection

Scene shifts to Danny’s truck where Ben, Grace and Grace are headed home from the hospital.

BEN: Thank Danny for the truck.

GRACE: If I see him, I will.

Ben and Grace connection

CAL: Aren’t you coming home with us? I’m sure Mom would be okay with that. Right, Mom?

BEN: Yeah, I could hang out for a while. That works with your plans, right?

GRACE: Yes, of course.

Red X connection

The truck comes to a stop in front of a red light at the intersection of Kingsbury Avenue.

CAL: What does that mean?

In front of them on top of a bridge is a billboard of a Montego Airplane with a giant red “X” over it. On the top it reads, “Are the 828 passengers human? Demand an investigation.”  On the bottom is  a website address, “”   

BEN: Just that there are some very ignorant people in the world.

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