Billboard Sign (113.4)

On their way home from the hospital, while stopping at a red light, Ben, Cal and Grace see a billboard demanding an investigation of the 828er’s. It questions that they are even human. It has a big red “X” on the airplane. At the bottom is a website address, “828demandthetruth”READ MORE

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Danny connection

Scene shifts to Danny’s truck where Ben, Grace and Grace are headed home from the hospital.

BEN: Thank Danny for the truck.

GRACE: If I see him, I will.

Ben and Grace connection

CAL: Aren’t you coming home with us? I’m sure Mom would be okay with that. Right, Mom?

BEN: Yeah, I could hang out for a while. That works with your plans, right?

GRACE: Yes, of course.

Red X connection

The truck comes to a stop in front of a red light at the intersection of Kingsbury Avenue.

CAL: What does that mean?

In front of them on top of a bridge is a billboard of a Montego Airplane with a giant red “X” over it. On the top it reads, “Are the 828 passengers human? Demand an investigation.”  On the bottom is  a website address, “”   

BEN: Just that there are some very ignorant people in the world.

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2 thoughts on “Billboard Sign (113.4)

  1. “It questions that they are even human.”

    Questions that make sense to me. Juxtapose all of the unanswered questions about the 828 passengers with the covert activities of the Major and others, then why wouldn’t the Red “X” become symbolic of the public’s fears and distrust?

    Two things. When it comes to the return of Flight 828, who is responsible for reassuring the public that everyone is safe? And what specifically is the “who is responsible” doing to assure the safety of both the public and the 828 returnees?

    Under the circumstances presented, major conflict is unavoidable. Especially with the ongoing situations involving the callings, dark lightning, kidnappings and torture, and non 828’ers allegedly returning from the dead based on what happened to Flight 828.

    Where does the story of Manifest go from here? To chaos? Or to “everything is connected?”

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