“Go Back!” I (113.5)

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Michaela is trying to help Zeke process what happened to him. She describes her own reentry as difficult. They both have the same calling. They are transported to a rocky outcrop where they are under the night sky looking up at the stars. They both hear Zeke’s voice say, “Go Back”. Michaela thinks it means they need to go back to the cave. READ MORE

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The missing years

Scene shifts back to the cabin where Michaela and Zeke are seated at a table having soup for lunch in blue bowls.

ZEKE: So, if years went by and we didn’t feel it, where were we? In some kind of suspended animation?

MICHAELA: [CHUCKLES] Uh, we are still waiting for the official handbook to come out on that.

ZEKE: [LAUGHS] But there are theories, right?

MICHAELA: About the plane? Oh, yeah. Tons. Um, aliens, wormholes, cryogenic freezing, mass hypnosis. Honestly, no one knows.

The reentry

ZEKE: Hm. And you just stepped right back into a life that had moved forward half a decade?

MICHAELA: Slammed back in, maybe. I came back to a world that had completely moved on without me. But I had my family to ground me. What about you? Do you have anyone?

ZEKE: Nope. No family. Tale as old as time.

MICHAELA: Someone then? Friends, co-workers?

ZEKE: And what? I just call them out of the blue and say, “Hey, remember me? I went on a hike,” but then a dead lady from a picture told me I skipped ahead a year. “You want to go to Olive Garden?”

MICHAELA: Zeke, look. I know that it’s a lot to process, – but you have to trust me –

ZEKE: Look, you’re amazing, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. But right now, I have two options. Either you’re insane or I am, and right now, I prefer the former.

Zeke gets out of his seat and looks out a window. Michaela follows.

MICHAELA: I know that this sounds crazy, but something happened to you in that cave, and something happened to me on that plane. Zeke, somehow, we’re the same.

Go back! Go back!


Both Michaela and Zeke have a calling. They are transported to a landscape where they are under the night sky looking up at the stars.

VOICE OF CALLING: [ZEKE] Go back! Go back!

They both come out of the calling

ZEKE: Did you just hear “Go back”? What the hell was that?

MICHAELA: That was a calling.


ZEKE: You and I, we were both

MICHAELA: Yeah, under the night sky, filled with stars. I know.

ZEKE: And you you heard my voice say, “Go back”?

MICHAELA: Yeah, I heard your voice, which isn’t usually how these work.

ZEKE: Usually? There’s a usually?

The callings

MICHAELA: Ever since the plane came back, a lot of us have been experiencing callings.

ZEKE: Callings? You mean voices in your head?

MICHAELA: Voices, visions. They lead us to uncover things. That’s how Cal knew where to find you and how I heard you say, “Find her.”

ZEKE: Right, there is that.

MICHAELA: But we both heard it, which I think means we’re supposed to figure this out together.

Figuring it all out

ZEKE: “Go back”? W-What does that even mean? – Go back where?

MICHAELA: I don’t know. Maybe you’re supposed to go back to the cave. How far away is it?

ZEKE: Probably about an hour hike. But I almost died in that cave. I think I m-might just sit this one out.

MICHAELA: No, we both heard it, which means we’re both gonna go.

ZEKE: [SCOFFS] Can I rest for a bit first, tough guy?

MICHAELA: Yeah, of course.

ZEKE: And we’re gonna need some supplies.

MICHAELA: Okay, I’ll go. Like what?

Michaela gets her keys and grabs her coat as she heads for the door.

ZEKE: Water, compass, um, flashlights, pork rinds

MICHAELA: I’m sorry. What?

ZEKE: Pork rinds. Delicious salty snack. They still make those, right?

MICHAELA: Yeah, unfortunately. Um, your first craving back is—

ZEKE: I’m a man of many mysteries.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I don’t think I can handle any more mystery.

Michaela opens the door and heads out. Next to the door is a blue coat rack.

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One thought on ““Go Back!” I (113.5)

  1. This is what Michaela said to Zeke, “About the plane? Oh, yeah. Tons. Um, aliens, wormholes, cryogenic freezing, mass hypnosis. Honestly, no one knows.”

    There have been Callings and Death Dates. People have died and babies born. But nothing has been more important than the premise of the story itself, i.e., the disappearance and return of Flight 828 after 5 and 1/2 years.

    The Silver Dragon described in the Yusuv Al-Zuras Journal may be part of the story; but in and of itself, it’s not the premise of the story. Who or what was responsible for causing Flight 828 to disappear and return. And how that was accomplished are what comprises the premise of the story.

    Anything less is nothing more than smoke and mirrors … incoherent and convoluted fabrications used to entice dedicated and loyal fans to blindly walk an invisible tightrope over a bottomless pit of unfilled promises.

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