Back Home (113.6)

Olive and grandpa Steve give Cal a big hug when he returns. After Ben tells Grace that it might be too risky to tell Olive about the callings, Grace agrees, but also realizes from her own experience that keeping Olive from the rest of the family has its own dangers. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the front room of the Stone house where Olive and Grandpa Steve have been waiting for everyone’s return.

GRACE: Olive?

Olive comes running toward the door.

OLIVE: Cal! Oh, my gosh. I’m so glad that you’re back.

After giving her brother a hug, she slaps him on the shoulder.

CAL: Ow.

OLIVE: But I’m mad at you for scaring me like that.

STEVE: Come here.

Cal’s grandpa gives him a hug.

STEVE: You really scared me. I love you very much. You know that?

CAL: I know.

OLIVE: Well, we made Rice Krispie treats.

STEVE: Yep. Don’t eat ’em all. Well, we had to do something.

Grandpa and the kids go to the kitchen.


GRACE: Ben. Are we gonna tell Olive about Cal’s callings?

BEN: We can’t take that risk.

GRACE: Right, but keeping Olive isolated from the rest of the family, that has its own dangers.

BEN: I know, Grace. But people died. Until we know for sure it’s unrelated, I—

GRACE: Wait. The people who died that happened right away?

BEN: Within a few days of learning about the callings.

GRACE: Okay, so let’s just make sure this theory is definitively disproven. All I have to do is live, right?

Ben exhales sharply.

GRACE So now what?

BEN: I wish I knew.

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