Bait Shop II (113.7)

While at the store gathering supplies for the one hour hike back to the cave, Michaela discovers a missing person poster of Zeke. The Clerk tells her that Zeke’s sister Chloe died on the same mountain in 2006.  When Michaela returns to the cabin, Zeke is gone.READ MORE

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Looking for pork rinds

Scene shifts to the bait shop where Michaela is wearing a blue hat.

🎵  You shine like a star 🎵
🎵  You know who you are 🎵

MICHAELA: Do you have any pork rinds?

CLERK: Yeah. Check over there. There might be one or two left.

🎵   She’s hot, hot like the sun  🎵
🎵   The loneliest one  🎵
🎵   Still everything beautiful 🎵

Looking at a poster

Michaela walks over to a rack of snacks and notices a Missing Poster of Zeke on the bulletin board. She takes it down and shows it to the clerk.

MICHAELA: Can I take this?

CLERK: Sure. Real tragedy. Body’s never been found. ‘Course, I got a pretty good idea what really happened.


CLERK: He offed himself.

MICHAELA: Yeah? Why do you think that?

CLERK: His sister, Chloe, died on this same mountain in 2006. Cursed family, I guess.

Looking for Zeke

Scene shifts back to the cabin as Michaela opens the door.


She looks around. When she does not find him, she runs out the door. 


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