“X” Marks the Spot (113.8)

Ben and the family are playing Bananagrams when Jared stops over who is worried about Michaela. While they are talking someone throws a brick through the window. Ben and Jared run out toward the street as a man leaves in a truck. After Jared goes after them, Ben goes back toward the house and sees that the man had also spray painted a big red “X” on the Stone’s front door.READ MORE

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Scene shifts back to the Stone house where Ben and the family are playing Bananagram on the dining room table. 

BEN: How’d you get that many letters? Wait a second. This—

GRACE:  Excuse me. Mind your own letters.

OLIVE: Peel.

BEN: No. What?

Jared’s worried about Michaela

The doorbell rings.

GRACE: You guys keep playing. I’ll get the door.

Cal sighs.

GRACE: Jared.

JARED: Hey, Grace. Sorry to just show up.

GRACE: No, not at all. Come on in.

JARED: How’s Cal?

GRACE: See for yourself.

BEN: Jared.

JARED: Hey. [TO THE CHILDREN]  Hi, guys. [TO CAL} ‘Sup, little man? How’s it going? Ugh.

CAL:  I have a “Q.”

BEN: [LAUGHTER] Other than that, he’s great. Hey. Thanks for what you did yesterday.

JARED: Of course. Have you guys heard from Mick? I’m starting to get worried, actually.

GRACE: Uh, she’s fine.

BEN: The cell service up there is pretty spotty.

JARED: Why’s she still up there?

BEN: Said she wanted some alone time, decompress.

JARED: Really?

The window shatters


Glass shatters everywhere. Someone had thrown a brick through the window.

MAN: Freaks!

JARED: Everyone okay?

BEN: Stay inside!

GRACE: Just don’t get up.

Ben and Jared run outside as someone gets in their truck.


Tires screech as the person drives away in a truck,

JARED: Hey, stay here. I’m going after them.

Jared gets into his car and begins chasing the truck. As Ben walks back to the house, he passes a can of spray paint on the lawn, and then sees that someone used it to mark a big red “X” on the house’s front door.

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One thought on ““X” Marks the Spot (113.8)

  1. Who are the real, i.e., the true “X’ers?” Are they the Season 1 “X’ers,” led by the on-line guru and blue-collar worker, Cory Webber? Or are they the Season 2 “hangers at the bar misfits,” led by the upstanding college professor, Simon White?

    Apparently “X” marks the spot. But marking the spot reveals absolutely nothing about the “X’ers” … who they are, their goals, or their endgame.

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