Hike in the Woods (113.9)

Michaela catches up with Zeke on a trail in the woods. When he continues to walk away from her, she confronts him about his sister, Chloe. Zeke stops walking, and shares with Michaela his heartache of how Chloe’s death tore his familyl apart. When Michaela asks him to trust her, Zeke agrees to take her to the cave, but then he has to get off the mountain.READ MORE

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The walk away

Scene shifts to a trail in the woods where Michaela catches up with Zeke.


Zeke stops walking, and turns toward Michaela.

MICHAELA: They were out of pork rinds.

ZEKE: [SCOFFS] Figures.

Zeke starts walking again.

MICHAELA: Look. I get it, okay? The first time that I had a calling, I wanted to pretend that it wasn’t happening, too. But you can’t just run away from this.

ZEKE: I’m not. I’m just sort of walking away.

The heartache

MICHAELA: To go where? Your family?

ZEKE: I told you. I don’t have any family.

MICHAELA: What about Chloe?

Zeke stops walking, and once again turns toward Michaela

ZEKE: My sister? Yeah, she was family. She was the best version of family. And she’s dead. How did you—

Michaela shows Zeke the missing person poster.

MICHAELA: This was still hanging at the bait shop. Guy there really likes to talk.

ZEKE: Oh, I remember.

MICHAELA: Look, Zeke, I’m sorry, okay? I know how hard that kind of loss can be.

ZEKE: No, you don’t know. After Chloe died, my family was ripped apart from the inside out, and this whole area is a constant reminder of that. So what I’d really like to do right now is to leave this place and to go find the nearest bar.

A call to trust

MICHAELA: Look, I’m sorry, Zeke. I need you to show me where the cave is. I can’t explain why exactly, but I know that we need to do it together. I’m trusting you. I’m asking for you to trust me.

ZEKE: Fine. I’ll take you to the cave. But then I need to get the hell off this mountain, okay?

MICHAELA: Okay. Oh, and, uh, by the way, I lied.

Michaela tosses a bag of pork rinds to Zeke.

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