Index to Manifest Season 1 Callings by Episode, Type, Character, and Scenes

Click on episode/scene numbers to read script/tweets/commentary, etc. The types of callings include:  Voices, visions, sounds, objects and immersions. Since Cal does not experience callings in the same way as other characters, they are treated separately.

Ep 1 – Pilot

As Michaela and Ben piece together their old lives, they deal with mysterious voices in their heads.

VOICE: “All Things”
WHO: Michaela

  • 101.6 – after Grace tells her “The universe just gave all of us a do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.”

VOICE: “Slower! Slower!”

VOICE: “Set them Free!”
WHO:  Michaela/Ben

VISION: The Plane / Feeling to “go back” to plane
WHO: Flight 828 Passengers

  • 101.24 – “As for whatever force brought us all here…” [Plane blows up]
Ep 2 – Reentry

Mysterious music in his mind moves Ben to help a fellow Flight 828 passenger connect with his imprisoned son, and Olive urges Grace to tell Ben her secret.

SOUND: Music Playing
WHO:  Ben/Radd

  • 102.2 – “Maybe Alexa acting up in the den”—Olive
  • 102.5 – “For me, music is a higher power. So this music we hear, you and I together, it’s for a reason.”—Radd
  • 102.19 – “You robbed your own father and blamed Adio”—Ben

Cal Connection [to Unknown Entity]:

  • 102.15 – Drawing of Cal’s family with shadow figure
Ep 3 – Turbulence

Michaela and Ben investigate the murder of a fellow Flight 828 passenger; Michaela is urged to own her truth.

OBJECT: “Own Your Truth” (magnetic letters)

  • 103.2103.8 – Michaela spells out “Own Your Truth” on refrigerator door
  • 103.16 – “Kelly followed her calling. She started shutting down the family business.”—Michaela
  • 103.22 – “What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?”—Isaiah

Cal Connection [to Michaela]: “Own Your Truth”

  • 103.2 – “Now Your Turn” (Letters on refrigerator door)
Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage

Michaela and Saanvi have a similar vision, but it takes them some trial, error and teamwork to heed the call.

VISION: Gray Woman/Wet Footprints
WHO: Saanvi

VISION: Angel / VOICE: “Save Him!”
WHO: Michaela

NOTE: Although Bethany did not have calling, per se, she was able to connect the callings of Saanvi and Michaela to the Angel of Waters (104.22, 104.25, 104.26)

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

Ben tries to escape the voice in his mind by going on an adventure with Cal.

VOICE: “It’s All Connected”
WHO: Ben

  • 105.3 – in boiler room as Ben walks away from helping Thomas,
  • 105.6 – in living room while Cal plays “Fortnite”
  • 105.14 – on the subway
  • 105.23 – when Cal senses someone is at the door

Cal Connection [to Ben]: “It’s All Connected”

  • 105.14 – “Don’t worry, Dad. It’s all connected!”
  • 105.16 – “You’re Thomas?”
  • 105.23 – “Wait. Wait. I think she’s a friend.”
  • 105.28 –  On flight 828 looking out light outside window: “It’s all connected.”
Ep 6 – Off Radar

When Cal has a calling that jeopardizes his health, Ben and Michaela set out to cure him by following the calling and looking for a missing passenger from Flight 828, but during their quest they discover much more than they bargained for.

Cal Connection [to Marko]:

  • 106.1 – Cal touched on head by Marko on Flight 828
  • 106.4 – “Pomogni Mi!”
  • 106.10 – “Pobŭrzaĭte!”
  • 106.13 – “Make it stop!”
  • 106.20 – Cal’s seizure
  • 106.21 – Cal’s recovery
Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

Michaela tries to make sense of her newest calling – the sound of a beating heart.

SOUND: A Heart Beating
WHO:  Michaela

  • 107.10 – at barber shop while trying to resuscitate Carlos’ uncle
  • 107.13 – at Jared and Lourdes’ house while having dinner
  • 107.22 – in the car while tracking the suspect on the street
  • 107.24 – at barber shop while looking at photo of Carlos and Evie
  • 107.26 – in the kitchen while looking at Cal’s drawing of Carlos

Cal Connection:

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

Michaela fears for the lives of her loved ones after she has a mysterious calling.

VOICE: “Don’t Lose Him!”
WHO: Michaela

  • 108.6 – at police precint before learning about Harvey Stein
  • 108.23 after telling Jared that she is not going to get in the way of he and Lourdes trying to start a family
Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

With Vance’s help, Ben, Michaela and Saanvi race against time to free the missing passengers from the Singularity Project’s laboratory at the Red Hook Warehouse.

VISION: Plane’s Emergency Floor Lights
WHO: Ben

  • 109.16 – while leading the missing passengers through the tunnels to safety

VISION: A Peacock

  • 109.17 – after regaining consciousness following explosion

Cal Connection [to Marco]:

Cal Connection [to Ben]:

  • 109.13 – “You have to go, Dad. You’re the only one that can see them!”
  • 109.14 – “Sorry, I had to leave Dad needed me.”
Ep 10 – Crosswinds

Michaela’s callings rise to a whole new level when they are accompanied by hallucinations.

VOICE: “Find Her!” / IMMERSION: Blizzard

VOICE: “Find Her!”/ OBJECT: Magazine Photo of Michaela
WHO: Zeke

  • 110.28 – Michaela’s calling (above) is being shared with Zeke’s calling

Cal Connection [to Michaela/Zeke]:

  • 110.30 – Cal experiences frostbite on his hands
Ep 11 – Contrails

Captain Daly is desperate to prove that he is not at fault for the disappearance of Flight 828, and he needs Ben’s help to clear his name.

Cal Connection [to Ben/Captain Daly]:

  • 111.1 – “You have any wings I could have?”
  • 111.2 – “The man from the airplane”
  • 111.21Daly sends Cal a set of gold pilot wings

Cal Connection [to Ben/Michaela]: , Drawing of Autumn

Cal Connection [to Zeke]:

  • 111.22 – Leaves NYC for Tannersville
Ep 12 – Vanishing Point

Ben and Grace rush upstate to find a mssing Cal, using his drawings as clues to his whereabouts.

IMMERSION:  Snow Flurries
WHO:  Michaela

  • 112.15 – realizes she needs to head upstate to Tannersville

Cal Connection [to Ben/Michaela/Zeke]

  • 112.4 – Ben shows Grace Cal’s sketchbook of drawing
  • 112.10 – Cal leaves a cryptic note for Olive to give Ben
  • 112.16 – Ben deciphers true meaning of Cal’s note

Cal Connection [to Zeke]:

  • 112.17 – “It’s him! It’s him! Don’t hurt him”
Ep 13 – Cleared for Approach

Michaela uses her skills as a detective to find out more about Zeke, a hiker who disappeared for two years.

WHO:  Michaela/Zeke

  • 113.5 – Zeke’s voice, on an outcrop of rocks under a night sky filled with stars
  • 113.11 – Zeke’s voice, Zeke shows Michaela his sisters star necklace
  • 113.21 – Michaela’s voice, Zeke agrees to go back with Michaela, but is not yet ready to be “going back into the world”

? Cal Connection [to Michaela/Zeke]: Pictograph

  • 113.24 – while Michaela and Zeke are holding hands they see a pictograph of themselves doing the same admist lightning and thunder

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