Index to Manifest Season 1 Callings by Episode, Type, Character, and Scenes

Click on episode/scene numbers to read script/tweets/commentary, etc. The types of callings include:  Voices, visions, sounds, objects and immersions. Since Cal does not experience callings in the same way as other characters, they are treated separately.

Ep 1 – Pilot

As Michaela and Ben piece together their old lives, they deal with mysterious voices in their heads.

VOICE: “All Things”
WHO: Michaela

  • 101.6 – after Grace tells her “The universe just gave all of us a do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.”

VOICE: “Slower! Slower!”

VOICE: “Set them Free!”
WHO:  Michaela/Ben

VISION: The Plane / Feeling to “go back” to plane
WHO: Flight 828 Passengers

  • 101.24 – “As for whatever force brought us all here…” [Plane blows up]
Ep 2 – Reentry

Mysterious music in his mind moves Ben to help a fellow Flight 828 passenger connect with his imprisoned son, and Olive urges Grace to tell Ben her secret.

SOUND: Music Playing
WHO:  Ben/Radd

  • 102.2 – “Maybe Alexa acting up in the den”—Olive
  • 102.5 – “For me, music is a higher power. So this music we hear, you and I together, it’s for a reason.”—Radd
  • 102.19 – “You robbed your own father and blamed Adio”—Ben

Cal Connection [to Unknown Entity]:

  • 102.15 – Drawing of Cal’s family with shadow figure
Ep 3 – Turbulence

Michaela and Ben investigate the murder of a fellow Flight 828 passenger; Michaela is urged to own her truth.

OBJECT: “Own Your Truth” (magnetic letters)

  • 103.2103.8 – Michaela spells out “Own Your Truth” on refrigerator door
  • 103.16 – “Kelly followed her calling. She started shutting down the family business.”—Michaela
  • 103.22 – “What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?”—Isaiah

Cal Connection [to Michaela]: “Own Your Truth”

  • 103.2 – “Now Your Turn” (Letters on refrigerator door)
Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage

Michaela and Saanvi have a similar vision, but it takes them some trial, error and teamwork to heed the call.

VISION: Gray Woman/Wet Footprints
WHO: Saanvi

VISION: Angel / VOICE: “Save Him!”
WHO: Michaela

NOTE: Although Bethany did not have calling, per se, she was able to connect the callings of Saanvi and Michaela to the Angel of Waters (104.22, 104.25, 104.26)

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

Ben tries to escape the voice in his mind by going on an adventure with Cal.

VOICE: “It’s All Connected”
WHO: Ben

  • 105.3 – in boiler room as Ben walks away from helping Thomas,
  • 105.6 – in living room while Cal plays “Fortnite”
  • 105.14 – on the subway
  • 105.23 – when Cal senses someone is at the door

Cal Connection [to Ben]: “It’s All Connected”

  • 105.14 – “Don’t worry, Dad. It’s all connected!”
  • 105.16 – “You’re Thomas?”
  • 105.23 – “Wait. Wait. I think she’s a friend.”
  • 105.28 –  On flight 828 looking out light outside window: “It’s all connected.”
Ep 6 – Off Radar

When Cal has a calling that jeopardizes his health, Ben and Michaela set out to cure him by following the calling and looking for a missing passenger from Flight 828, but during their quest they discover much more than they bargained for.

Cal Connection [to Marko]:

  • 106.1 – Cal touched on head by Marko on Flight 828
  • 106.4 – “Pomogni Mi!”
  • 106.10 – “Pobŭrzaĭte!”
  • 106.13 – “Make it stop!”
  • 106.20 – Cal’s seizure
  • 106.21 – Cal’s recovery
Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

Michaela tries to make sense of her newest calling – the sound of a beating heart.

SOUND: A Heart Beating
WHO:  Michaela

  • 107.10 – at barber shop while trying to resuscitate Carlos’ uncle
  • 107.13 – at Jared and Lourdes’ house while having dinner
  • 107.22 – in the car while tracking the suspect on the street
  • 107.24 – at barber shop while looking at photo of Carlos and Evie
  • 107.26 – in the kitchen while looking at Cal’s drawing of Carlos

Cal Connection:

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

Michaela fears for the lives of her loved ones after she has a mysterious calling.

VOICE: “Don’t Lose Him!”
WHO: Michaela

  • 108.6 – at police precint before learning about Harvey Stein
  • 108.23 after telling Jared that she is not going to get in the way of he and Lourdes trying to start a family
Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

With Vance’s help, Ben, Michaela and Saanvi race against time to free the missing passengers from the Singularity Project’s laboratory at the Red Hook Warehouse.

VISION: Plane’s Emergency Floor Lights
WHO: Ben

  • 109.16 – while leading the missing passengers through the tunnels to safety

VISION: A Peacock

  • 109.17 – after regaining consciousness following explosion

Cal Connection [to Marco]:

Cal Connection [to Ben]:

  • 109.13 – “You have to go, Dad. You’re the only one that can see them!”
  • 109.14 – “Sorry, I had to leave Dad needed me.”
Ep 10 – Crosswinds

Michaela’s callings rise to a whole new level when they are accompanied by hallucinations.

VOICE: “Find Her!” / IMMERSION: Blizzard

VOICE: “Find Her!”/ OBJECT: Magazine Photo of Michaela
WHO: Zeke

  • 110.28 – Michaela’s calling (above) is being shared with Zeke’s calling

Cal Connection [to Michaela/Zeke]:

  • 110.30 – Cal experiences frostbite on his hands
Ep 11 – Contrails

Captain Daly is desperate to prove that he is not at fault for the disappearance of Flight 828, and he needs Ben’s help to clear his name.

Cal Connection [to Ben/Captain Daly]:

  • 111.1 – “You have any wings I could have?”
  • 111.2 – “The man from the airplane”
  • 111.21Daly sends Cal a set of gold pilot wings

Cal Connection [to Ben/Michaela]: , Drawing of Autumn

Cal Connection [to Zeke]:

  • 111.22 – Leaves NYC for Tannersville
Ep 12 – Vanishing Point

Ben and Grace rush upstate to find a mssing Cal, using his drawings as clues to his whereabouts.

IMMERSION:  Snow Flurries
WHO:  Michaela

  • 112.15 – realizes she needs to head upstate to Tannersville

Cal Connection [to Ben/Michaela/Zeke]

  • 112.4 – Ben shows Grace Cal’s sketchbook of drawing
  • 112.10 – Cal leaves a cryptic note for Olive to give Ben
  • 112.16 – Ben deciphers true meaning of Cal’s note

Cal Connection [to Zeke]:

  • 112.17 – “It’s him! It’s him! Don’t hurt him”
Ep 13 – Cleared for Approach

Michaela uses her skills as a detective to find out more about Zeke, a hiker who disappeared for two years.

WHO:  Michaela/Zeke

  • 113.5 – Zeke’s voice, on an outcrop of rocks under a night sky filled with stars
  • 113.11 – Zeke’s voice, Zeke shows Michaela his sisters star necklace
  • 113.21 – Michaela’s voice, Zeke agrees to go back with Michaela, but is not yet ready to be “going back into the world”

? Cal Connection [to Michaela/Zeke]: Pictograph

  • 113.24 – while Michaela and Zeke are holding hands they see a pictograph of themselves doing the same admist lightning and thunder

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5 thoughts on “Index to Manifest Season 1 Callings by Episode, Type, Character, and Scenes

  1. Ben, Michaela, Cal, Saanvi, and Marko were passengers on Flight 828. They all have had “callings.” Fiona Clarke was a passenger on the flight and for some mysterious reason, she never had “callings.” Zeke Landon and James Griffin weren’t passengers on the flight and both had “callings.”

    Were there passengers on the flight other than Fiona Clarke who never have “callings?” Are there any other unknown non-828 passengers out there somewhere having “callings” who are either “Lost” or being involuntarily held by authorities?

  2. Many fans, other than those who participate on this site, wrongly assume the “first calling” was about the Pyler sisters.

    Actually, The Pyler sisters, “Set Them Free” calling was the 3rd calling (101.15). The 2nd calling took place on the bus when Michaela heard the words, “Slower! Slower!” (101.11).

    The very first calling “All Things” happened to Michaela when she was having a conversation with Grace (101.6).

    I suggest users of this site recommend it to others. Using the information contained here for entertainment or research purposes doesn’t take anything away from other sites where Manifest is discussed. In fact, the information contained here can enhance those discussions.

  3. During an interview with TV Guide, showrunner Jeff Rake was asked, “How the passengers interpret the Calling seems to be key in understanding the series so what can you tell me about the Calling? Is it omniscient? What does it want?”

    Rake’s answer, in part, was, “The way you posed the question, ‘what does the Calling want?’ presumes that the Calling is something. That presumes that the Calling is omniscient. It may be, it may not be.”

    After reading Rake’s “non-answer,” I’m more confused about Callings now than before I read the interview. My interpretation of Rake’s “answer” is that Callings may or may not be responsible when it comes to providing ‘instructions’ and or ‘controlling’ the behavior of 828’ers.

    In short, it’s left up to how individuals like Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, and Cal decide to utilize their Callings; i.e., if they decided to completely ignore a Calling, there would be no consequences?

    According to Rake, “And therefore, the significance is what the individual chooses to do with the Calling. That would mean everyone experiencing the Calling may not just be pawns in some larger universal force.”

    May not just be pawns? Then why did the 20 passengers show up to witness the plane blow-up on the tarmac? Did they do so on their own free-will or were they ‘collectively’ forced to do so by some unknown entity?

  4. Overlooking the glaring newspaper obituary errors, were the Harvey Stein alleged “callings” associated-deaths of Susan Creighton and Rick Moore ever confirmed (108.15) to be Angel of Death related?

    It was insinuated by TPTB that sharing the knowledge of “callings” with non-828’ers was akin to sentencing them to death. Creighton and Moore were alleged to be examples. Jared was apparently saved when Michaela pleaded for the “callings” (109.19) to help.

    Why isn’t Grace dead? Ben told her (106.7) about his “callings,” i.e., he was “seeing things, hearing voices.” What about Olive? According to her, Cal told her about the “callings” (113.12) a long time ago.

    Did the “callings” cause Creighton and Moore’s deaths? Or did Harvey’s suicide restore order to the universe? Or perhaps, the “callingsconnected the life of Harvey Stein to others in ways which have not been revealed?

  5. Thanks. Understanding what “callings” are all about is important to the overall mystery. However, there are many things about “callings” that haven’t been revealed.

    We still don’t know if all 828 passengers actually receive “callings.” Fiona Clarke didn’t show any signs of being gifted with “callings.” None of the other passengers, especially the children, other than Cal, have been shown to receive “callings.”

    And do “callings” have limitations when it comes to distance? So far, only two non-passengers (Zeke and Griffin) within driving distance and in New York City respectively have received “callings.” What about those passengers who live outside of New York, i.e., in other states or other countries?

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