Best Brother Ever (114.1)

Michaela brings Zeke back to her apartment confident that the calling is about her and Zeke. When Zeke sees a picture of Cal and Olive, he has a flashback of Chloe. Michaela warns Zeke to keep a low profile. READ MORE

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Returning Home

This episode begins in Michaela’s apartment.

MICHAELA: Here we are, home sweet home. It’s amazing how, after 5 1/2 years and a new address, they still know how to send you junk mail.

ZEKE: I just hope, after one year, somebody fed my fish.

MICHAELA:  [CHUCKLES] Um, Ben just moved out. The couch is free, so you can crash here for a bit.

ZEKE: No, no. I don’t want to impose.  I can find my own place.

MICHAELA: How? Look, Zeke, if you’re not gonna reach out to your family, all you’ve got are the clothes on your back, and that’s it.

ZEKE: You don’t need me in your hair.

MICHAELA: Zeke, the petrograph that’s about you and me. You’ve got to start trusting me. I’ve been having these callings for weeks. It wants us to accomplish something together. I just got to figure out what.

ZEKE: Okay. I fold. Thank you.

Chloe’s Science Experiment


Zeke sees a picture of Olive and Cal, and has a flashback.


CHLOE: I’m scared. Tommy Barber says girls aren’t good at science.

ZEKE: Tommy Barber’s an idiot. It’s a pickle. Come on, Einstein. You got this.

As Chloe clicks the button, an electrical charge is sent through the pickle causing it to glow.

CHLOE: You’re the best brother ever. I love you, Zeke.


Keeping a Low Profile

MICHAELA: Ben left these. You can try them on, see if they fit.

ZEKE: Anything’s better than what I’ve got on now. It’s like somebody died in this.

MICHAELA: [LAUGHS] Cute. Um, hey, you should also try and keep a low profile. Not a lot of people know you’re back. That’s a That’s a good thing.

ZEKE: Meaning?

MICHAELA:  There are some military types who are not very friendly, and, um, not a lot of people have had the greatest reaction to those of us that came back on that flight. So, I’m gonna guess it’s the same for you.

ZEKE: Right.


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One thought on “Best Brother Ever (114.1)

  1. Very, very, very interesting comment. “An electrical charge is sent through the pickle causing it to glow.”

    Is it possible that …

    Electrical charge means Dark Lightning?

    The Pickle equates to Flight 828?

    Causing “it” to glow indicates that “It” is the plane and/or what the plane flew through?

    When it comes to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, is “Dark Lightning” and “Dark Matter” related when it comes to explaining and understanding wormhole travel in the mythology of Manifest’s sci-fi universe?

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