Doctor’s Home Visit (114.10)

Saanvi visits Jacob at his house. Saanvi tells her that his cancer is too far along, and will not be able to treat him. Alice insists saying that she is a returnee and is the only one who can help him. Alice slaps Saanvi on the face, then pushes her on the floor. Grabbing a gun from a cabinet, Alice says. “You are going to save him.” READ MORE

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Saanvi’s Examination

Scene shifts to Alice and Jacob’s house. Saanvi is at Jacob’s bedside performing some tests on him.

JACOB: Thank you for coming. Since we lost the insurance, nobody will come to the house. [COUGHS]

SAANVI: Okay. You got to save your energy. You know, your wife loves you very much.

Saanvi’s Recommendation

Alice and Saanvi leave the room.

ALICE: So you think you could help him?

SAANVI: I’m sorry, Alice. I wish I had better news, but there’s nothing I can tell you that your doctors haven’t already told you.

ALICE: But your treatment.

SAANVI: Jacob’s cancer is just too far along.

ALICE: We’ve only been married for two years. I’ve spent half of it going from specialist to specialist. I’m not ready to lose him.

SAANVI: I’m sorry, Alice. You and Jacob really should be looking to make him as comfortable as possible.

ALICE: What? Until he dies?

SAANVI: I’m happy to make some recommendation for palliative care, if you like.

ALICE: N-No. I-I would not like. I want you to make him better.

SAANVI: Alice—

Alice’s Attack and Threat


ALICE: You are returned. You were brought back here to help, so help. You can cure him.

SAANVI: I’m sorry. I don’t know where you got that impression. I’m just a doctor. Actually, you know what?  I have to go.

ALICE: No, no. Please. You’re the only one.

SAANVI: Alice, there is nothing I can do to help

Alice slaps Saanvi in the face breaking open her skin on her left cheek.

ALICE: I’m sorry. I am so sorry.

SAANVI: It’s okay. It’s okay. I just really have to go.


Alice pushes Saanvi onto the floor, opens a cabinet and takes out a gun. She points the gun at Saanvi

SAANVI: Alice.

ALICE: I told you, you’re going to save him. Get in there. Do what you were brought here to do.

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One thought on “Doctor’s Home Visit (114.10)

  1. What was Alice thinking when she said to Saanvi, “You are returned. You were brought back here to help, so help. You can cure him.”

    Of course, it was delusional for Alice to think Saanvi had some type of supernaturally derived medical “power” to cure her husband. But her thinking is no more delusional than Isaiah’s or the woman who accosted Cal on the street. Or the other cult followers like Alice who attend Adrian’s church. Or anyone who believes Cal is the Holy Grail.

    What if Alice wasn’t wrong? And that Saanvi and other returnees do have special healing powers which haven’t been revealed yet?

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