Church Flier (114.11)

When Ben visits the hospital, he is told that Saanvi never made it down to the laboratory, and has even missed a meeting. Ben finds a “Church of the Returned” brochure that Alice left in Saanvi’s office. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to hospital.

BEN: She was supposed to call me first thing this morning.

NURSE: Dr. Bahl misses one call, and you come down to check? You’re quite the friend.

BEN: Well, I am a little worried. Some of the passengers are receiving threats.

NURSE: She seemed fine to me earlier. Maybe she’s just head-down in some research.

They enter Saanvi’s office.

NURSE: Let me call the lab.

She picks up the phone.

NURSE: Hey, it’s Cam. Is Dr. Bahl down there? Thanks.

She hangs up.

NURSE: They haven’t seen her all morning. They say she missed a meeting.

BEN: That doesn’t sound like Saanvi.

NURSE: Let me check her schedule.

Ben finds a brochure on Saanvi’s desk from the Church of the Returned.


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