Grace’s Intervention (114.12)

Grace asks Zeke if he has reached out to his family. She tells him that every parent needs to know that their child is safe. When Zeke says his coming back is a fluke, Grace says it is not random. Grace shows Zeke Cal’s drawing and how he risked his life to save him.  READ MORE

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Zeke’s Family

Scene shifts to the Stone house.

GRACE: Ben says Cal experiences the callings differently than everyone else. Stronger.

ZEKE: Thanks. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had a home-cooked meal.

GRACE: Speaking of home, have you reached out to your family, let them know you’re back?

ZEKE: You, too? No.

GRACE: Zeke as the mother of a returned son, I can tell you that every parent wan needs to know their child is safe.

Cal’s Interest in Zeke

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ZEKE: With all due respect, my family it’s a different situation. And my coming back feels like a fluke.

GRACE: Well, I don’t really know how all this works, but I know it’s not random.


GRACE: Could random do this?

Grace shows Zeke one of Cal’s drawings.

GRACE: That’s you. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but my son risked his life to save you. He thinks you’re important. That’s no fluke.

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