Church of the Returned II (114.13)

Adrian welcomes Ben to the church. He says he has found his calling. Adrian says they are saints, that they have come back from the dead to help others. Ben says to him that he has lost his mind. Then while looking around Ben finds a prayer request posted on a bulletin board. Its handwriting matches the writing on the church flier he found on Saanvi’s desk. READ MORE

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Adrian’s Welcome

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Scene shifts to Church of the Returned where Ben enters through the front door.

WOMAN: That’s Ben Stone. Blessed is Flight 828, the vessel of the miracle. And blessed are the returnees, the purveyors of that miracle.

While Ben looks at the “Church of the Returned” poster on the wall, Adrian comes out of the back office. 

ADRIAN: Brother Benjamin.

BEN: Adrian, what—

ADRIAN: Welcome to my church. Well, our church, really.

Adrian’s Calling

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BEN: What is this? Some kind of scam?

ADRIAN: Not at all. Ben, this is my… What was the word you used? My calling.


ADRIAN: When I came back, I had nobody, but I found new purpose. It’s to bring hope to the world.

BEN: Or to incite dangerous beliefs.

ADRIAN: How can I help you?

BEN: I’m looking for a passenger, Saanvi Bahl.

ADRIAN: Last time I saw Saanvi was at a meeting you called.

BEN: Then why did I find a flier for this church in her office with her name on written on the back? Have any of your parishioners taken an interest in her?

ADRIAN: Oh, they’ve taken an interest in all of the returned, even you. And why wouldn’t they? We’re saints.

BEN: You’ve lost your mind.

ADRIAN: Ben, we came back from the dead. If not to help others, then why?

BEN: [CHUCKLES] Mind if I have a look around?

ADRIAN: Like I said, this church is as much yours as it is mine.

The Prayer Requests

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While Ben is looking at a bulletin board of prayer requests, he reads one from Alice, “Pray for my beloved Jacob desperately neeeds a miracle as he bravely faces his battle with cancer.” He then gets out the church flier and notices that the handwriting matches. 

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