Saanvi’s Playbook (114.14)

Jacob tells Saanvi to lie to Alice and to tell her that she has healed Jacob. Saanvi tells Jacob about someone who said they loved her, but it was complicated. That they made plans to go to Jamaica, but when she arrived at the airport, that person was not there. READ MORE

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Saanvi’s Reluctance to Lie

Scene shifts to Jacob’s bedroom.

SAANVI: You have to help me. Your wife thinks I can heal you, and she is going to hurt me if I don’t.

JACOB: I’m sorry. This isn’t who Alice is, but ever since I got sick and things have been getting worse [COUGHS] She’s not a bad person. You have to believe me.


JACOB: Lie to her. Tell her I’m healed.

SAANVI: I am a doctor, Jacob. I am a scientist. Lying isn’t in the playbook.

JACOB: Not even to save your life?

Saanvi’s Trip to Jamaica

SAANVI: I’m already living on borrowed time. Someone lied to me once, and it didn’t end well.

JACOB: What happened?

SAANVI: Someone said they loved me, but it was complicated. And we made plans to go away to spend a week on the beach, hash it out. But then, when the day came, only one of us showed up at the airport.

JACOB: What’d you do?

SAANVI: [CHUCKLES] I wasn’t gonna waste a round-trip ticket to Jamaica.


SAANVI: So I went. I think you know how that story ends.

JACOB: I’m sorry.

Who Lied to Saanvi?

Saanvi was very specific to not use any gender terminology when discussing with Alice’s husband about her own struggles with love. All we know is this person — can we now assume it’s a woman because why else would they not just say it (networks are cluelessly old-fashioned that way still sometimes) — didn’t show up at the airport and so Saanvi went on her own. She also said that there was lying involved, she was told she was loved by this person, but it was complicated. What does that mean? And where is this person now? Why wouldn’t they come out of the woodwork now that Saanvi has returned after five years. Surely they know she’s back, right? And the fact that this plot detail only surfaced last week and came up again this week makes us think this person could be significant. Must mean it’s the Major, right? She’s a little older than Saanvi now, and maybe devoted her career to studying and obsessing over what happened on the Flight. Now she keeps her distance so her feelings about Saanvi won’t sabotage the work she’s doing to “weaponize” the returnees, as she said. Is this a terrible idea? Most certainly. Will it be what’s going on. Oh, it’s quite possible.

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Facing the Truth

SAANVI: You and Alice found love. That’s the miracle. She needs to accept the truth, Jacob, or she is gonna spend the rest of her life regretting it.

JACOB: What was it like on the other side, before you came back?

SAANVI: I never went to the other side. I don’t even know if that exists.

JACOB: I’m not ready to die.

SAANVI: Neither am I.

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