Broken Marriage (114.15)

Lourdes asks Michaela if something is going on between her and Jared. Michaela tells her she regrets it, but that Jared belongs to Lourdes. Lourdes blames Michaela for her “broken marriage.”  Meanwhile, Jared is with divers who are looking for the getaway vehicle in the river when he receives a text from Michaela, “Lourdes knows.”

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Lourdes’ Visit


Scene shifts to the police station where Lourdes walks in.

MICHAELA: Um, Jared’s not here right now. He’s down at the river.

LOURDES: I know. I came to see you. Can we talk outside?

MICHAELA: Yeah. Of course.

LOURDES: I was gonna talk to Jared, but it sort of feels like I should start with you. This is about us as much as it is about him.


Lourdes’ Question

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LOURDES: Mick is there something going on between you two?

Michaela hesitates.

LOURDES: Thanks. That’s all I needed to know.

Lourdes begins walking away.

Michaela’s Regret

MICHAELA: Please, please, please, please. It was a mistake, okay? I don’t know what I was thinking. I-I wasn’t thinking. I regret it. Lourdes, he’s supposed to be with you.

LOURDES: You figure that out before or after you slept with him? How am I supposed to look at Jared after this and not feel like I’m the other woman?

MICHAELA: You’re not the other woman, Lourdes. You’re his wife.

LOURDES: And you’re not just a random girl he hooked up with. He loves you. And I can’t help feeling that you took advantage of that.

MICHAELA: I-I can’t apologize for still loving him. Lourdes, it was one month ago, my time, that he was down on his knees. I had a ring on my finger. I was gonna marry him.

LOURDES: Is that right? ‘Cause you told me that you were gonna turn him down.

MICHAELA: What was I supposed to say? I was trying to protect your marriage.

Lourdes’ Guilt

LOURDES: Is that how I’m supposed to feel? Protected? My marriage can’t recover from this. You broke it. You broke us. And you didn’t even have the decency to tell me.

MICHAELA: Decency? Lourdes, you didn’t even show up. I have known you my entire life. You didn’t even come to the hangar to tell me to my face.

LOURDES: And that makes this okay?

MICHAELA: That’s not what I’m saying. But, Lou, I know you. There’s a There’s a part of you that didn’t show up ’cause you felt guilty.

LOURDES: Of course I felt guilty. Guilty and scared that I would finally find out the truth of whether he loved me the same way that he loved you. I guess now we know.


Michaela’s Text

Scene shifts to the waterfront on the East River. Sirens are wailing and sea gulls squawking.

GARTRELL: Vasquez! Are you kidding me? Is this a spectator sport? They haven’t even found the damn thing yet. I’ve been freezing my ass off for four days. What are they doing down there?

JARED: Beats me.

Jared receives a text message from Michaela: “She knows”

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