“It’s Coming!” IV (114.16)

The bond between Zeke and Cal grows after Zeke shares that he once had a little sister. When Zeke asks him to draw the roof, Cal says he can’t help. “If I draw it, it will happen.” Grace and Zeke encourage Cal to draw something fun, to test out the theory that whatever he draws will happen. READ MORE

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Zeke’s Connection

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Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom.

GRACE: Go ahead.

ZEKE: Hey, Cal. Your mom showed me some of your drawings. Pretty cool. I-I need I need some help with my wolf calling. You’re an old pro. Think you can help me draw it? Look, man, I know we just met, but the thing is the only person in the world who I trusted and trusted me was my little sister. And she’s she’s gone. But I could really use some help. And I hear you’re the guy.

Cal’s Worry

CAL: I can’t. If I draw it, it’ll happen.

ZEKE: Cal did you see the wolf, too?

GRACE: It’s okay.

He nods his head.

ZEKE: And you think if you draw it, you’ll make it real? I brought you back from the dead. Cal, I wasn’t dead. I-I don’t know what I was, but I don’t think you you brought me back to life. I get it you’re scared. My sister used to get scared. But she was stronger than she thought. I think you are, too. I’ve got an idea. If you think your drawing causes the future, then draw me this lamp broken on the floor. Will that make it happen?

CAL: That’s not how it works. It has to come from my head.

ZEKE: Okay. Then you think of something.

GRACE: Go ahead, Cal. Draw something fun.

CAL: Okay. I’ll draw you tall.

ZEKE: Great. I’d love to be able to dunk.

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