Ben Rescues Saanvi (114.17)

Outside Alice’s apartment, Ben tells Michaela that Adrian is a false prophet, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” (Mt. 7:15).  Inside, Jacob tells Alice that this has gone too far. Saanvi at gunpoint tries to talk Alice down. Ben and Michaela see Saanvi in the window holding her hands up. Ben calls Alice on intercom to tell her that Adrian sent him to help her. Alice says her miracle has arrived, then pulls the gun on him. Meanwhile, Michaela sneaks into the apartment and is able to handcuff her.  READ MORE

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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Scene shifts to outside Alice’s apartment.

BEN: [CHUCKLES] Hey. Thanks for pulling the address. It’s down a block. You okay?

MICHAELA: Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it. Um, so, what makes you think Saanvi was taken by one of these nutbag believers?

BEN: I found this at the hospital and this at the church. It’s the same handwriting. And Cal and Zeke’s calling. Adrian is a false prophet, a wolf’s in sheep’s clothing Matthew 7:15.

MICHAELA: Look at the atheist remembering Bible verses. You looked it up, didn’t you?

BEN: [SCOFFS] This is it. Stop. If Saanvi is in danger, we need to know what’s going on in there first.

Jacob Confronts Alice

Scene shifts to inside the apartment.

JACOB: Alice, can we talk about this? Alice let her go. This has gone too far.

ALICE: Nothing’s too far for you, my love. How are you? Are you Are you healed?

JACOB: Healing isn’t on the table anymore. We need to accept that. I am not losing you. Why didn’t you do what I asked?!

SAANVI: I’m sorry. There’s only so much I can do.

JACOB: Look at me. I’m dying.

ALICE: You are not going to die!

SAANVI: Alice, I have seen a lot of couples lose each other in grief. What you two have is very special. Please don’t let your last days together be this way.

ALICE: Stop talking.

JACOB: No. Listen to her, Alice. I don’t want your last memory of me to be begging for some other woman’s life.

Alice Restates her Demands

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SAANVI: Please, Alice. Don’t you think if I could heal him, I would?

ALICE: You’re a liar!

Alice cocks the gun.

JACOB: No, Alice.

ALICE: You healed the others! Now heal him!

Outside the apartment Ben and Michaela see Saanvi at the window raising her hands.

BEN: Mick.

Inside the apartment…

JACOB: Alice.

ALICE: If he dies, you die.


MICHAELA: [ON THE PHONE] Detective Stone, Badge 9915. I need ESU to 408 Cheever Street. We have a hostage situation.

MICHAELA: [TO BEN] ESU is 10 minutes out.

BEN: I don’t think we have that long.

He starts running.

MICHAELA: Ben, stop. Come on. This could backfire. NYPD protocol is to wait for backup.

BEN: Well, I’m not NYPD.

MICHAELA: No, you’re not. Can you please stop?

Ben’s Intervention


BEN: Saanvi is in there because Adrian is telling the believers that the passengers can work miracles.


BEN: So, let’s give her one.



ALICE: Hello?

BEN: Alice, it’s Ben Stone from Flight 828. Adrian told me you needed some help. Can I come up?



Ben knocks on Alice’s door.

BEN: Alice? I’m here to help.

Ben shows Alice her prayer request from the bulletin board.

ALICE: It is you.

BEN: Can I come in?

ALICE: I knew a miracle would come. Please, this way.

Ben shuts the door and then reoopens it. Alice then takes him to Jacob’s bedroom.

SAANVI: Ben, she’s got a gun.

BEN: Alice now, there’s no need for that. I’m here to heal your husband. Put the gun down.

ALICE: No. Fix him first.

BEN: I will, I promise. But I need to be able to focus, and I can’t when you have

ALICE: Heal him!

Michaela enters quietly through the front door with gun drawn.

BEN: Okay.

ALICE: You see? Brother Adrian said they would help. We’re waiting, Brother Ben.

BEN: It’s going to be okay. Faith is compromised by pessimism, Alice. Let’s be optimistic. Put the gun down.

JACOB: Alice please.


Ben raises his right hand and begins to pray as Michaela sneaks up on Alice.

BEN: Let us pray. Blessed is Flight 828.

ALICE: The vessel of the miracle. And blessed are those who are returned, the purveyors of the miracle.

JACOB: Alice hold my hand.

ALICE: Blessed are those left behind, for they shall be brought to the light.

Saanvi Once Again Relegated to Background

Ben’s willingness to lie to Alice where Saanvi couldn’t certainly makes sense for their characters, but it once again relegated the doctor to the background at a time when we’re still wondering who her missing Jamaica travel companion was.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

Alice Taken Into Custody

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Michaela reaches for Alice’s gun.

MICHAELA: Drop it! Drop it!

JACOB: Please don’t hurt her.

Michaela places handcuffs on Alice. Saanvi exhales deeply. 

Scene shifts to later in the apartment when police arrive. One officer takes Alice away. Another officer is talking to Saanvi.

OFFICER: Miss, there’s an ambulance downstairs – if you’d like to go to the hospital.

SAANVI: I’m fine.

OFFICER: After what you’ve been through, maybe you should see a doctor.

SAANVI: I am a doctor. I have a patient I need to go take care of.

OFFICER: Yes, ma’am.

SAANVI: Thank you.

Meanwhile, in another area of the apartment…

BEN: [TO OFFICER] Okay, appreciate it.

Michaela walks up…

BEN: Is this ever gonna stop? Is this the new normal?

MICHAELA: At least you got your family to get you through it. But I guess, in a pinch, you’re not so bad as a big brother. I’m heading your way. You need a lift?

BEN: There’s something I got to take care of.

Why Must Ben Cowboy Everything?

This has nothing to do with anything, but don’t you just want to slap Ben the way Alice slapped Saanvi sometimes. Maybe even knock him down. If ever there was someone who summed up that macho toxic masculinity, it’s Ben Stone. Detective Michaela Stone tells him not to go in. “I’m going in.” There’s a protocol in place for situations like this. “I’m Ben Stone. Do I have to explain to you all the ways I know what’s best here?” Yes, please. “I can’t. I’m too busy going in.” It happens every single episode and it’s more than just a little stupid. Last week, he walked into the garage of an 828 hater and by all rights should have gotten his ass beat in. Tonight, he was just asking to be shot and or get a hostage killed. How would Mick have talked her way out of that one. Well, I told him not to go in, but he decided he was going to. What could I do? He was so commanding and male. Lame.

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

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