Church of the Returned III (114.18)

Ben confronts Adrian telling him that he is responsible for what happened with Alice and Saanvi. After Adrian says, “Who’s to say we aren’t the answers to the world’s prayers?” he says, “And I don’t have to believe. They do, and that’s more than enough.” Unknown to them both is that the Major’s man, Jansen, is watching. READ MORE

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Ben’s Admonishment

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Scene shifts to the Church of the Returned.

BEN: Alice is going to jail, Jacob is dying without his wife by his side, and Saanvi is traumatized because of you.

ADRIAN: You’re blaming me? I have nothing to do with this.

BEN: You made Alice believe we can perform miracles. You have everything to do with this. I-It made me sick to even pretend. How can you live with yourself?

ADRIAN: Because I’m opening people to the truth. Miracles happen. After all, what was Flight 828 if not miraculous?

BEN: Adrian, you and I both know whatever happened to that plane was not the result of divine intervention.

ADRIAN: Do we? You mean to tell me, in all the years your son was sick, you never prayed for him to get better?

BEN: Don’t talk about my son.

ADRIAN: You’re afraid to admit it to yourself, but Saanvi’s cure was a miracle, wasn’t it? We live in a world where airplanes full of people come back from the dead. Who’s to say we aren’t the answers to the world’s prayers? And I don’t have to believe. They do, and that’s more than enough. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a flock that needs tending.

Adrian’s Prayer Service

Adrian walks into the next room where there is a large gathering of “Believers” who applaud him.

ADRIAN: Blessed is Flight 828, the vessel of the miracle.

ALL: Blessed are the returnees, the purveyors of that miracle.

ADRIAN: Blessed are the left behind, for they shall be brought to the light.

ALL: And blessed are those who serve, for they make the light shine.

Seated in the room is Jansen who is watching closely everything that is happening.

ADRIAN: Blessed is Flight 828, the vessel of the miracle.

What is Adrian’s End Game?

Is this really as simple as it seems? Is Adrian really just hustling his parishioners for money? He certainly wouldn’t be the first shyster to do that, but this church is being set up so specifically in the narrative, it feels like there has to be more to it than that. For one thing, he’s riling them up into an almost mob mentality, which manifested (natch) in the deranged hostage situation when Alice Ciccone convinced Saanvi to come to her home to try and save her dying husband’s life. It was through her impassioned belief that returnees could perform miracles and heal her husband that she even reached out to Saanvi. This is an incredibly dangerous precedent to set for people who might be over-fixated on Flight 828, but Adrian didn’t seem to care and deflected any responsibility for how people might be responding to his rhetoric. Is it his fault if his words get them so worked up they get violent? Okay, it could be just a hustle, but we’ve got as close an eye on him as the Major does, via Jansen.

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Adrian’s Character Deflates Super-Fan Nature of the Groupies

Perhaps Adrian, the ex-entrepreneur, realizes that there’s comfort in recognizable rituals such as responsive reading and passing a collection plate, but for the audience this made what was originally an interesting fringe group such as we might see with alien abductees into a group of sheep being exploited by a egotistical passenger trying to regain his former notoriety. Adrian admitting, “I don’t have to believe; they do, and that’s more than enough,” makes him a slightly more compelling character while completely deflating the super-fan nature of the groupies.

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